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    Birth Controlled Sex This is a no-brainer. Anal sex needs some time to get used to, and the slower you move and the more time and lube you take, the better your chances of enjoying it! Do you not enjoy sex? Because we all win then. Read all you need to know about anal sex in our top five facts. It is a good idea to ask your partner to visit the bathroom and wash the area around the anus with soapy water before having anal sex.

    Anal benefit sex

    But enemas are not necessary actually, they can irritate the anus and the bowel. Feels pretty good and kind of ticklish. Power for a man because he dominates and controls the situation and his shaft is feeling so good being so tightly stroked. But many others cringe at the idea of anything other than water and soap getting near their rear end. Below are a few reasons that will make you aware of the risks of involving in anal sex. This just means you have to spend a little time figuring out how you and your partner can both receive pleasure. I read a twisted article from Vice about why women should only have anal sex. Anal sex benefits are not limited to one group or sexual orientation. Embrace your dark side and give your man a double win. But even more appalling are the ridiculous articles by women who do love anal sex as a degradation to the female race. But I think that all women should try it at least once. The anus, unlike the vagina, doesn't have any natural lubrication. I am not a self-depreciating, submissive mouse of a woman. It will open your mind. A recent study by Rutgers University determined that orgasms, which we know promote circulation, promote better sleep, relieve stress, and stimulate brain function. Men love to be trusted. They love to hear us say yes to their desires and lay our pleasure in their hands. Remember the heroine in Fifty Shades of Grey who found that adventurous sex turned her on? I LOVE anal sex. So yes to trust. Get into the game with a few candles, some satin sheets and trust in your partner. Contrary to popular opinions, having unprotected anal sex can actually increase the chance of getting HIV and other deadly STDs sexually transmitted diseases. You should start by stroking the anus and after a while, you can slip in a finger and see how your partner likes it. But shoving it up there is going to hurt like hell and guarantee a kiss of death to any second chance of doing it there again. This is not true.

    Anal benefit sex

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      It feeds into their primal instinct to protect and naturally dominate. Do it because you choose it as an act that makes you feel like a woman who is desired and powerful in her sexuality.

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      The anus has no natural lubricant like the vagina , so anal sex can be painful. Now the second guy I ever trusted back there, is huge.

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