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    B5 Sexy Veggie Food Sources: It also improves your fertility and helps you get turned on — and stay that way. Vitamin B6 is a prerequisite to production of the male sex hormone, testosterone. So, what are you waiting for? But, did you know that every time you ejaculate, you lose an important nutrient called selenium?

    B vitamins for sex

    B1 Sexy Veggie Food Sources: They include, but are not limited to androgen , estrogen and progesterone. And if you are one of those dudes who are concerned about their physical appearance, then increasing your vitamin E intake can help with you feel more youthful. Scientific research has proven that these essential vitamins and minerals boost your sex drive. B2 Sexy Veggie Food Sources: Low nitric acid levels are directly linked to decreased sex drive as well as stamina. On its own, zinc makes the hormone, testosterone, but also aids in the production of sperm. Taz claims that the smell of cinnamon could put you in the mood. Vegans need to pay especially close attention to their B intake, especially B12, to ensure that all their B vitamin needs are met. Nitric acid plays an important role in increasing sex drive. Vitamin B3 is important for energy metabolism , which you will need during lovemaking sessions. Vitamin C Vitamin C is important for the synthesis of hormones that are involved in your sexuality, fertility, and aiding you to get turned on. The truth is, there are certain vitamins and minerals that can give your sex drive a boost. It also helps in the production of sex hormones that can kick start your sex drive and increase its vitality. So, have you had your Bs today? Natural supplements of vitamin E are great for enhancing sex drive as well as sexual stamina. Vitamin C — Free radicals present in the body are responsible for disturbing normal sexual health. Your guy down south will thank you later. They can be found in brown rice, wholegrain bread, seafood, poultry and meat, pulses, nuts, eggs, dairy products and green leafy vegetables. Do not use the information on this website for diagnosing or treating any medical or health condition. At the same time, B12 triggers the release of histamine, which you need for optimum orgasms. Vitamin E increases blood flow and oxygen to your genitalia. Your prostrate has a large amount of zinc, which helps regulate prostatic fluid. Walnuts, egg yolk, sweet potato, spinach, asparagus, chickpeas, chestnuts, broccoli, tomatoes, smoked salmon, omelette, and wholegrain breads. Vitamin B12 is a mood regulator, which boosts sexual desire. At the same time, this nutrient helps produce sex hormones that are responsible for your urges down there.

    B vitamins for sex

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      Regain your energy and jump start your sex drive by making sure you are getting these vitamins and minerals every day.

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      This vitamin is available in the form of lubricant, which can be applied on the vagina; it functions by rehydrating the vaginal tissue.

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      Scientific research has proven that these essential vitamins and minerals boost your sex drive. They take breaks every 20 minutes and second, they take some kind of drug or medication that will give them a rock-hard erection, and make them look like they have the endurance to last for more than an hour — which is fake, by the way.

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