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    While the sex tech industry has begun to embrace design-centric products , few of these companies are women-owned and operated, and fewer still are run by female engineers. It's since expanded its line, launching Fin in November , and a redesign of its first vibrator, the Eva II, in November She shows us another robot, with long blond hair and huge breasts, and says the weirdest thing about it is that it speaks with a soft Scottish accent, the result of niche market research. The company plans to launch three new designs in It often has a very male gaze that's hard to deny in their branding.

    Better sex tech

    For Barshop, having her own life transformed was one thing, but talking to happy patients represents another level: Another person has made an app for the geographically distant that allows users to touch their fingers to the glass as if their partner is on the other side. Dame is brainchild of Alexandra Fine and Janet Lieberman. She recalls a situation where a colleague was looking for a better smelling alternative for acetone, a solvent commonly found in nail polish remover. Whether caused by hormonal changes associated with giving birth, breastfeeding, perimenopause and menopause, reproductive cancers, taking the pill, or even just garden-variety stress, many women find themselves with incredibly common problems that no one ever told them about. The company plans to launch three new designs in Downtime involves refraining from sex for three to four days—and little else. The laser and radiofrequency treatments need to be repeated every year or two studies are still determining ideal timing, which differs from individual to individual ; Fiera requires inexpensive refills every so often. The boxes — themed sets featuring full-size products and sent every three months — meaning her customers can test out products they might not have selected on their own. And unlike lubricants that promise a warming sensation delivered via chemical, Pulse warms the old-fashioned way. If you buy something featured, we may earn an affiliate commission which helps support our work. Pinterest Getting to grips with one of the inventions at the sex tech hackathon Goldsmiths University of London. Unbound also offers quarterly subscription kits filled with products from its house line. It probably made more sense if you were there, but not much. For Fine, running a sex toy startup is the culmination of a long-time interest in sexuality — she'd originally planned to become a sex therapist — and a desire to bring something to market that she felt was more women-focused in its messaging than what was currently on offer. Everyone has biases, and you do not always know where they are coming from. Having your period can be rough, but not having it is no fun either: For a product often considered an integral part of sex, the user experience associated with lube is decidedly lacking. It has since gone on to become a bestseller: But it's because the products aren't well made, and people don't value it, and there's no regulation when there should be. Two years later, the product line features lubricants — "an absolute must-have," says Goicochea — housed in chic Aesop soap-like bottles and artfully packaged condoms. Buckalter has big plans for the technology behind her product — she's says she's hoping to expand her business to build warming technology for other types of lotions used in body care and baby care. Learn more on their website. Maude Maude's line of lubricants, condoms, and vibrator. And we were like, this is an absolute must-have for many people in order to have an orgasm, so why isn't it created and treated like an essential? These are common problems with limited treatment options.

    Better sex tech

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      That's a really uncomfortable experience, it's over-assorted, it's confusing, you don't really have any options that are minimal. Up close, says Devlin, you come to regard these robots as sculpted pieces of art rather than the hypersexualised hetero ideal they appear to be from afar.

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      But quality sex tech is out there, and some of the most exciting offerings come from women working to make the industry more approachable.

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