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    We always need to understand that for many women through time, their first sex was actually either their first rape or something women just did not because they felt a sexual desire to, but because they understood it was something they had to do for men. Ideally, it should start by being something you or any other woman, as well as her partner very much want and feel ready for and comfortable with as a whole. Many older women actually knew full well, from experience, that this idea that bleeding always happens with intercourse was a farce, so new brides would often be prepared by other women on how to fake bleeding in case they didn't. Trouble is -- well, there's quite a lot of trouble with that, obviously, but let's just address the bloody matter at hand -- that idea was, and still is, massively flawed. And the damsel's father shall say unto the elders, I gave my daughter unto this man to wife, and he hateth her; and, lo, he hath given occasions of speech against her, saying, I found not thy daughter a maid; and yet these are the tokens of my daughter's virginity.

    Bloody first time having sex

    Be sure to notice if there is any pain, when the bleeding happens, how long it lasts, and what it looks like color, clots. Because of that, and because historically, first sex for women was not with someone they were in love with or attracted to, we can also know that for some women who had bleeding at first intercourse through history, that was because they were not aroused, were scared, and often sex was everything from only out of obligation to barely consensual to completely nonconsensual and by force. And the elders of that city shall take that man and chastise him; and they shall amerce him in an hundred shekels of silver, and give them unto the father of the damsel, because he hath brought up an evil name upon a virgin of Israel: Check out these illustrations to see for yourself! Maybe you will or did have bleeding, and maybe you won't or didn't. Some of this was based in ignorance, and some in seriously hardcore sexism and viewing women, and our bodies, as property. And they shall spread the cloth before the elders of the city. The hymen is a thin tissue that stretches across the opening of the vagina and when broken it can and will bleed. For a very long time, before there was the better understanding of women's bodies and sexuality we have in this century and some of the last, it was near-universally thought that women who had not had intercourse or any other kind of vaginal entry had a seal on the front of their vaginas the hymen which was only "broken" by their first sexual partner. Suffice it to say, if a person with a vagina isn't consenting to sex at all, but is sexually assaulted, bleeding is very common for this reason. Most of all, I hope you're doing something to protect yourself and your partner every time. So, I'm going to dig in here. In a few different ways: For most people with coronas, in childhood, very small openings to that membrane start to form and get larger over time, which is why year-old girls can have menstrual flow, even if they never had any kind of sex. If the corona or hymen is still in the process of wearing away or has worn away very little, and that intercourse or entry tears in which case this is bleeding usually actually due to 2 , stretches or erodes it. For those who do, how much is something else that varies, largely because what causes the bleeding varies. If you're wondering why women would have sex like that when they didn't want to, remember that for many, marriage, or doing what men wanted, was a matter of life or death: Take care and feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions!! The same is true today. If those openings didn't happen, that flow and other vaginal discharges would get trapped inside. Some ideas around virginity, first intercourse and bleeding as proof of virginity also involved paternity. Then shall the father of the damsel, and her mother, take and bring forth the tokens of the damsel's virginity unto the elders of the city in the gate. We can always know at a birth who someone's mother is, since we can see an infant come out of her body. Please try not to let your fear get to you. There aren't any "shoulds" here. Trouble is -- well, there's quite a lot of trouble with that, obviously, but let's just address the bloody matter at hand -- that idea was, and still is, massively flawed.

    Bloody first time having sex

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    • Fegrel

      Many hymens tear or stretch before vaginal intercourse for the first time, and the person may not know this has happened.

    • Dougore

      Some people who have bleeding will only lightly spot for a few hours, others will have near- period level bleeding for a day or two, some more or for even longer. Some of this was based in ignorance, and some in seriously hardcore sexism and viewing women, and our bodies, as property.

    • Molrajas

      Check out these illustrations to see for yourself! As with any other kind of sex, if it's something that is in any way painful or uncomfortable, it should be something you can feel very free to stop or make adjustments with -- like adding more lube, or going back to other sexual activities that get you more turned on -- as needed.

    • Dolar

      The corona is usually very stretchy and flexible, so even someone who has one that's not yet eroded enough to be totally out of the way can have pleasurable sex without bleeding from that tissue when they are aroused and lubricated enough, be that lubrication from their own bodies or from a bottle.

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