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    Would Zoe have been Zachary if the couple had left it to chance? So if you want a boy, you should have sex four days to six days before you ovulate. Therefore, having sex on the day of ovulation should increase the chances of conceiving a boy. One of the most accurate methods of sex selection is pre-implantation genetic diagnosis PGD , which works similarly to IVF. Shallow penetration should favour your chances of conceiving a girl - the slower female sperm are hardy enough to withstand the acidic conditions at the entrance to the vagina so could make it through to the egg after the male sperm have died off. Female sperm survive better in the naturally acidic environment of your vagina, so climaxing first would favour the conception of boys.

    Choosing the sex of a baby

    The Pucketts charted Julie's temperature to determine ovulation, then had intercourse several days before she was set to ovulate. Natural Methods for Choosing the Sex of Your Child The Shettles method is arguably the most well-known natural strategy for choosing the sex of your child. Intrauterine insemination — chance of success. In South Africa, couples are now left to give natural selection and low-tech methods a go. Durston came across a technique pioneered 30 years ago by the late obstetrics researcher Landrum Shettles, M. But bear in mind that, whichever method you try, you always have approximately a Find out more about the Ancient Chinese Gender Predictor -- it might just work for you! Male sperm are lighter in weight and swim faster than female ones so are more likely to reach the egg. That means gender selection, which not all clinics offer anyway, is a side effect of helping those who can't conceive a child naturally. Sperm sorting is illegal in the UK, but the service is offered, for a considerable fee, in some other countries HFEA b. Experts can then tell male from female by seeing how the dye binds to the genetic material in the sperm. PGD can only legally be used to identify the sex of embryos in the case of a known, serious gender-linked genetic condition. By Dulce Zamora From the WebMD Archives Besides slipping the stork some extra cash, would-be parents have a number of options for choosing the sex of their child. Published May 5, Abstaining for a few days before making love increases your chances of conceiving a boy. Reproductive Biol Endocrinol It was updated in If you want a girl you should have sex two days to three days before you ovulate Whelan Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis PGD. Many fertility experts question the value of natural sex selection strategies such as the Shettles method. Quite possibly, by Durston's reckoning: Yet there are some people who might want to stack the odds in their favor, either for cultural reasons, for dreams of raising a son or a daughter, or to balance out their families. Robert Gustofson, medical director of the Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine, sees it differently. Choosing the Sex of Your Child Several options are available for choosing the sex of your child, but none are guaranteed. Young prescribes the opposite course. This is when doctors try to separate male from female sperm. Designer babies is a hot topic, but in South Africa it's mostly illegal.

    Choosing the sex of a baby

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    How to Naturally Choose The Sex of Your BABY

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      Funding Centre for Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis. If you want a girl, you need to have sex two days to four days before you ovulate.

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      PGD reduces the chance of your baby suffering from the same condition, partly by testing for the genes which carry it.

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      Gustofson isn't ethically opposed to another technique, sperm sorting officially called MicroSort , whereby based on a sperm's weight, it is sorted to increase the chances that a subsequent artificial insemination will result in an embryo of a particular gender. Is it right to forgo humanity's coin toss?

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      The process by which your baby becomes a boy or a girl, according to what's written in his or her genetic code, is awe-inspiring.

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