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    By having as much sex as possible, men had the opportunity to transform more and more jing, and as a result would see many health benefits. I guess I do not understand at all. Over 6, years ago, the ancient Taoists began to study ways to extend longevity. Human beings are therefore originally immortal. As mentioned before, we must experience God to gain everlasting life. When the mental and physical aspects of the body become tired, depressed, or negative, more problems or diseases arise. For women, the simple cause of cervical cancer, infertility, kidney problems, or a myriad of health problems is revealed along with their simple solutions.

    Dao sex

    But how to achieve that injection of these hormones are controlled by the brain consciously and not at the level of instincts? The woman also had to be stimulated and pleased in order to benefit from the act of sex. These realizations caused Taoists to create a complete system of methods and techniques called the Tao of Sexology. If we are talking about a person who perfects himself, then his emotions are transformed into a powerful device perform necessary action As experience accumulates, a greater understanding of the teachings results, and continued analysis is encouraged. It is impossible and unnecessary to control by brain. Techniques that bring unparalleled pleasure to a partner while assuring his health are revealed. As such, the city is visited by a large number of Chinese tourists and foreigners alike, and has a relatively big ex-pats community. All forms and activities of life, both anatomical and physiological, are supported by, and simultaneously deplete, the energy within the body. Instead, it harbours wonderful restaurants and shops, an almost unlimited number of hotels and hostels, and is fairly developed by mainland Chinese standards. Anyone who has a desire to live longer, happier, healthier, and wiser is a Taoist. Just people in Taoist temples are different and most of them never suited to the higher practices. If you succeed, I fear for your health to develop big problems While the man had to please the woman sexually, she was still just an object. Just today, women often are not satisfied, it is an opinion. It is also called the House of Essence. The adrenal glands, which support the functions of the kidneys, bones, bone marrow, and spine, may also be called the House of Water. Eventually we reach a certain level where we can partially control this process not all, there are those who like the process. They did not promise their students that great benefits awaited them after death; great benefits were immediately reaped upon utilization of Taoist techniques. And when aging is prevented, death is prevented. Jesus is still another. This is the other purpose of the sexual organs: Often they cannot hold wastes at all. They allow the couple to merge their energy at the level of their respective organs and awaken their intuitive and spiritual centers. Why fight with this marvel - love women, I do not understand completely. Sex is the same and no less a part of life as cultural studies, history and culture

    Dao sex

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      While, if done incorrectly can cause a retrograde ejaculation , the Taoists believed that the jing traveled up into the head and "nourished the brain.

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      During his preachings, he made many philosophical statements concerning elevated planes of existence:

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      If this is the case Taoist methods can help the methods of proper eating belong in another subject area and will not be discussed here. Because the information, tested and used for 6, years, would help anyone lead a longer, happier, healthier, and wiser life.

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      After AD, Confucian restraining attitudes towards sexuality became stronger, so that by the beginning of the Qing dynasty in , sex was a taboo topic in public life.

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