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    We encourage healthy discussion on wheelchair sex life and sex after spinal cord injury. There are several different types of sex slings which can be either a full body sling, a wheelchair hoist sling, or anything in between. Blindfold and spank with a spatula lol. Your local hardware store may have a cheaper option. The Sportsheets penetration station is a an effective couples sexual aide which is secured around the mattress for support and comes with four tethers that can be used for feet and hand support which pop out at the base and the head of the bed. What makes this unique from a variety of other sex furniture out there is the ability to move the wedge up the ramp allowing you to provide the needed support anywhere on your body - this can be useful in accommodating various types of back injuries from lower to upper back.

    Disabled sex swings

    Just in case it all goes horribly wrong. Women are lucky that no-hands toys like the butterfly and vibrating panties can get them off. Masturbation to reach the big O But the most pressing reason of all why some disabled people need sex toys is that they are unable to masturbate to orgasm, maybe because they have short arms, their hands get tired and weak, or they cannot move their arms. You can find the right angle to achieve deep penetration with minimal exertion. Wheelchair Hoist Sex Swing Tips and Tricks Wheelchair lover in sex swing The disabled wheelchair user does not always have to be the one in the sling. This can generally be done without diminishing arousal levels, and can also be done on the fly during sexual activity to provide variations and changes to the sexual activity. This toy can also be used for solo penetrative masturbation, which will see a suction cup dildo placed underneath the seat instead. It is possible to overbalance in some sexual positions. Sex slings can be exceptionally versatile and can be altered to accommodate virtually any type of sexual activity for any disability. And in case you want some other recommendations, here are some of the toys currently out on the market which I have recommended in my book on sex and disability, to be published by Jessica Kingsley later this year: The tethers allow for better support for an individual and provides an ability to pull themselves upwards for a better angle, removing the need for pillows and other products which, over extended use, can instigate back pain, muscle pain or general tiredness. Take a go slow approach until you are comfortable and confident. Avoiding the expense of an actual sex swing. Limited only by imagination. Happy harnesses are bespoke harnesses that will fit to the wearer and hold the required sex toy, meaning the sex toy is not only in the right place, but it will also stay firmly in place. We promote the many beautiful aspects of disability. Most tetraplegics will already own a personal hoist and sling. The tethers may also provide an ability to balance, or keep the legs elevated and supported at an appropriate angle. However, I have invented a solution — Happy Harnesses. They aim, through the use of their sex furniture, to make sexual activity to be both rewarding and exciting for all involved. The sling is suitable for people of different sizes and disabilities and it is, in most cases, surprisingly easy to adjust the height and angle of the body for sexual positioning, through a pulley or automated system. They recognised the need for spontaneity and privacy, and had been thinking along the lines of how people with no arms or arm movement can paint beautifully artistic paintings using their mouth or feet. The downside to sex slings is that they are often large and cumbersome and although they can be disassembled and put away, they can be time consuming to put up and take down - sex slings are ideal for people that have privacy and space in order to keep them set up. Sex slings mean that difficult positions are no longer limited to able bodied, athletically gifted people. Keep a phone within reach.

    Disabled sex swings

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      Blindfold and spank with a spatula lol. Some people with learning difficulties need toys to assist their stimulation to make it easier.

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      We'll start off with something fairly simple which is the penetration station by Sport sheets.

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      Women who cannot reach down between their legs to masturbate may use a Magic Wand , which has a long handle, to stimulate the clitoris. Liberators mission statement is to enhance the intimacy of love making through the inspiration of romantic imagination and sexual creativity.

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      Further support is granted through the weight of the individual pressing down on the ramps and it is this which ensures that the combo set is ideal for creating positions which allow for deep penetrative sexual activity as well as having an ability to provide support for people who require soft mattresses, or memory foam beds. But sex can be just as mind blowing with the right assistance.

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