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    In The History of Sexuality 1: Women with more schooling showed higher prevalence of sexual dysfunction during as compared to before their first pregnancy. These discourses are instantiated in practice on the self-as-object-of-self in physical regimens "dietetics" and on others as objects in the management of affairs "economics". Revista Latinoamericana de Medicina Sexual ;1: J Sex Med ;1: Aug 23, Jacob Rabas rated it it was amazing First I should note that I am not really concerned with the accuracy of Foucault's interpretations of ancient Greek texts or even with sexuality as a topic of study.

    Dois desejos sex

    Gravidez e diabetes gestacional: Millenium - Revista do IPV ; Rev Bras Ginecol Obstet ; Universidade Federal do Acre; Discourses on sexuality and the control of the self provide forms of knowledge that enable the subject to perfect and reproduce his position within an "agonistic" social field. Decreased vaginal lubrication occurred in Evaluation of sexual function in Brazilian pregnant women. A prospective analysis of sexual functions during pregnancy. After reading Discipline and Punish: Revised definitions of women's sexual dysfunction. The Birth of the Prison along with these works on sexuality, one gets a better sense of how his primary theoretical interest in power, discourse, and subjectivity work together and form an integrated whole. This was a cross-sectional study using postpartum interviews with primigravidae who were married or in stable unions and had given birth at the two maternity hospitals in Rio Branco, Acre State, Brazil, from February 1st to July 31st, Foucault's notions of subjectivity, and particularly "discourse" are even more troublesome in this regard. Descobrimento sexual do Brasil: In The History of Sexuality 1: This is also why Foucault sees the increasing volume and diversity of discourse on sexuality in the 19th century as potentially liberating rather than necessarily repressive. J Sex Marital Ther ; The DSM diagnostic criteria for female orgasmic disorder. J Sex Med ;7 1 Pt 1: Psicol Teor Pesqui ; Decreased libido was present in I'm not a Classicist so I can't comment on the empirical validity of the work. J Sex Med ;1: Rev Assoc Med Bras ; Rev Latinoam Enferm ;

    Dois desejos sex

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