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    A heated exchange followed, which resulted in the three women rushing for the exit in a state of near undress. Her clit, like her nipples, is huge. It's an opportunity of a lifetime. She walked me to the door. Should I move them? She placed a huge order. Then I pushed my tongue hard against her pucker. Naked girls sucking huge cocks, or girls with legs spread wide taking massive dicks in their young pussies -- they all left no doubt as to what sort of literature I preferred.

    Door to door saleswoman sex story

    My cock was growing thick and hard by the second. Fretting over how to replenish their rapidly emptying pockets, the three woman had a discussion that resulted in them descending on a local hotel, newspaper Barometern reports. Her toes were just inches away from my legs and my eyes kept slipping down to gaze at them as we talked. I immediately took the right nipple into my mouth and started to suck it noisily, as I fondle her left breast with one hand and slipped a finger of my free hand into her wet pussy. When I returned, Amber had just finished pouring more wine and she took another drink, but drank more slowly than before -- the third bottle was almost empty too. I lifted my glass in a toast. It has turned off nearly ever guy I have been with. When I returned, first thing I did was check my daily sales, and I was stunned: She flung the door wide open, unusual it itself for any stranger, and there she stood in nothing but a man's old-fashioned undershirt, the kind made of rib knit cotton, with big arm holes. I was so excited feeling the soft warm wetness of her young pussy that my sweatpants looked as if I had a small teepee sitting on my lap. When I opened the door I was delighted to discover the cutest little redhead standing there and a delightful strawberry blond standing next to her. The really cute one had long red tresses which fell past her shoulders, but just how far down her back I could not tell. Further, I was helped by the luck of having an especially "wet" summer with three of the local townie girls. I expected Amber to remove my hand or say something. I'm sure we've got a magazine for it. My cock slipping in and out noisily. What better customer to coach her on than my best--Mrs. My moaning filled the room as I slowly fucked her mouth letting my orgasm subside. I worked my mouth up and down it as if it were a little dick. Then, the phone rang, and it sounded like it might be hubby, so I took the stack of signed order forms and politely excused myself for the next house. Would you like something to drink? I moved the material of her panties aside and pressed my fingers into her slippery crease. When I reached her feet, I again sucked her toes before licking my way back to her pussy. I fully expected her to bolt for the door with her sister close behind. You know me--I've been to bed with hundreds of chicks--but that one was the best piece of ass ever! As we all walked into the living room, I asked; "Can I get either of you something? As of now you are my slave.

    Door to door saleswoman sex story

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