• Falling in love with the same sex best friend


    We became friends instantly. I sought advice from friends and a therapist, and I disregarded it all. I still remember the time we hugged in the hallway, it seemed to last nearly five minutes. We were still talking everyday, and then one day I just stopped thinking about him. But he is still communicating with his ex and ex-mu which I think he still has the feelings and it makes me suffer from pain.

    Falling in love with the same sex best friend

    This caused a chain reaction of events and emotions. For me, it was fireworks. Yet losing her would be even worse. I want to see all the different ways it can look, as sisters, lovers, co-conspirators and best friends. I want her to see me for the raw human filth I am. Has anyone else had this kind of love with a friend? It was clear that our love was unique. He looked me in the eye and asked me if I was okay with this kind of physical contact. I was surprised and yet not surprised to find out she had felt the same. I felt so bad about making him feel that way that I somehow got the courage to tell him how I felt. And your friend cannot give you what you deserve. Every once in a while she claimed she had feelings for me and we would have a connection like no other. He can't be happy if I'm not happy. For a time, I got really sick and had to stay home. Meanwhile, my boyfriend and I fought about her all the time. I personally have never felt this kind of love for anyone ever in my life. Obviously a grave underestimation in hindsight. I can see his face almost at every corner. Not even with someone I've been sexually involved with. Terrified, I walked him arm in arm into the living room and at his request we sat on the floor and just cuddled while he cried and tried to piece reality back together. But she has boy friends, one after the other and never stays long with the same one and when she does, I feel very hurt? We were stargazing and she cuddles close to me because she got cold and… I just wanted to hold her. We fight like an old married couple but we get eachother. We sometimes talk about things we did in the past. Our friends and my therapist all had very strong opinions on the subject of us becoming roommates: I admitted to her that I'd wanted her ever since I met her, that I'd been burning for her since that day with the balloons and face paint.

    Falling in love with the same sex best friend

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    I Am In Love With My Best Friend (Lesbian Edition)

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      Then before he came back to our hometown, I decided to go somewhere far too but I texted him. The day that he had to return home, in tears he confessed to me that he's never loved anyone as much as me.

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