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    So click on each link before you send any marriage proposals. Mary Kay Letourneau Mary Kay Letourneau was a married, elementary school teacher in Shorewood Elementary School in Burien, Washington when she began a relationship with a sixth grade student she had previously taught in second grade. Autumn Leathers Autumn Leathers was twenty-four 24 year old English teacher at Mountain Ridge High School in Alleghany County, Maryland when she was arrested for having a sexual relationship with one of her students since he was fifteen 15 years old. After the final tally was made, Swogger faced a total of 39 charges relating to her illicit sexual behavior, including providing crack cocaine to some of her victims. In May of , she pled guilty to eleven of the thirty-nine charges and received a three 3 to six 6 year sentence with an additional thirty-six 36 years of probation, including lifelong registration as a sex offender. The victim and Horvath regularly rendezvoused at hotels in their local area, and upon confrontation by school officials about the alleged relationship at the time, Horvath immediately resigned. Pamela Rogers Turner Though the criminal sex penalties are the same, victims are underage, and the alleged actions are similar, female teacher sex offenders in most cases face significantly lighter sex crime penalties than their male counterpart offenders do.

    Female sex offenders stories

    Additional constraints included loss of her teaching license, inability to be near children, and loss of driving privileges when alone. And in some cases, possibly go beyond normal charges and allegations, if it means preventing future abuse of the children they are obligated to protect. In lieu of low numbers, the media frenzy surrounding an alleged sexual relationship between a female teacher and her student expose numerous details regarding each of these teacher and student sex encounters. Falsely accused sex offenders can have serious backlash. Kelsey Peterson Kelsey Peterson was employed as a teacher at Lexington Middle School before engaging in an affair with a sixth-grade male student and fleeing with the child to Mexico in October of Authorities eventually allowed Lewallen to plead guilty to two counts of oral sodomy, which upon sentencing in March of , led to a two 2 year prison sentence, with an additional eight 8 years of the sentence being suspended. In all cases, including any profile in the teacher sex offender list below, a person is presumed innocent unless they have been convicted and found guilty in a court of law. Melissa Ann Andreini Melissa Ann Andreini was a special education educator at Helper Junior High School in Helper, Utah when she came under investigation for sexual relations with a fifteen-year-old male student at her school. Mary Kay Letourneau Mary Kay Letourneau was a married, elementary school teacher in Shorewood Elementary School in Burien, Washington when she began a relationship with a sixth grade student she had previously taught in second grade. Indecency with a child Victim: Greco Middle School in Temple Terrace, Florida when she was arrested for having multiple sex encounters with a fourteen-year-old student throughout various locations in the school, including performing oral sex on the male student in her classroom and having intercourse with him in a portable classroom located on the school campus. Couple this intrusive form of journalism with an attractive, young female alleged offender, and a media feeding frenzy is sure to ensue. Alison Peck Alison Peck was a twenty-three 23 year old teacher employed at Greenfield High School in Greenfield, Missouri when she was arrested for having illegal sexual relations with a thirteen 13 year old male student. Criminal charges against Barraicua eventually became four 4 counts of statutory rape, which she was forced to serve one 1 year imprisonment as part of her sentencing. Criminal Charges of rape of a minor, which was a suspended sentence leaving Letourneau on probation for her crimes. Cynthia Horvath Cynthia Horvath, aged 45 at the time, was employed as a teacher at Warner Christian Academy in the state of Florida when she was arrested for having sex with a seventeen 17 year old student over the summer of Criminal charges against Sizow were all dropped, but she was initially charged with two 2 counts each of indecent liberties and use of a communications device to facilitate crimes against children. As a society, however, we really need to question the above sex crimes, charges, and counts in relation to the actual amount of years in sentencing served. A lot of people riled up; in case you don't read the comments we posted this in response: Investigators stated McCandless plied the young man with alcohol and engaged in sexual activity with the boy mere feet away from other students. At three separate times, Ragusa was arrested during March and April of for engaging in sexual activities with two underage male students, aged fourteen 14 and sixteen Apparently, Tapp had previously been involved in a long-term relationship with another underage student previously, and several other students came forward with information stating they had sexual contact with the teacher. In a five 5 year study by the Associated Press from through , an average of five hundred educators faced disciplinary or criminal action following allegations of sexual relations with students. In April of , however, all charges were dropped due to lack of evidence. Aggravated sexual assault Victim: Clark and the victim attempted to marry under a Georgia law stating that underage individuals may marry if the bride at the time is expecting child.

    Female sex offenders stories

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