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    Watching them grow from friends to being in love was one of the highlights of the year for Days. TV Guide said that "while it took 45 years for the show to introduce its first openly gay character Sonny and another year and a half to have him find a male partner Will , the wait was well worth it. Meanwhile, Ben has made sure Chad now Billy Flynn is the prime suspect in the murders; but as Ben's relationship with Abigail self-destructs, he becomes increasingly violent and unhinged. They were on the second floor, so there was no going out the window. Will now Christopher Gerse comes home from school one day with a black-eye, after he has gotten into a fight defending his parents honor. Shortly after a court date is set, Nick is shot and killed. Despite his turbulent upbringing, for many years Will is a quiet, eager to please little boy played by Shawn and Taylor Carpenter. Will had been expecting it to be soft like in the living room, but EJ's mouth was hard and aggressive.

    Gay days of our lives sex stories

    Nick doesn't want Will involved in the coming baby's life because he is gay, and when Nick discovers that it was Will, not Lucas, who had shot EJ years before, he blackmails Will to sign away his parental rights. After befriending Sonny, Will avoids being intimate with Gabi, and she ends the relationship. He could also still smell EJ, a mixture of scotch and some sort of aftershave. Sami returns to Salem to find out the truth. Sonny runs into him, and Will experiences a cascade of memories of their wedding and their love together. Ben arrives just as Will is holding the tie and thinking about this. He confessed, "I used to get lost in fantasy as a teenager that I would marry a guy" and explained how his imagined festivities were very much like Will and Sonny's wedding. Will catches Sami cheating on Rafe with EJ, and in an angry and upset mood, he goes to a party with Sonny, gets drunk and kisses a young man named Neil Jesse Kristofferson. You're well aware of that William, but you can't hide you're interest. Will Horton's romance with Sonny Kiriakis was generally well-received by critics and the audience. An adrenaline rush from stealing the job's plan. He came fast and he came hard, almost fainting with pleasure. It will be one of our many secrets. Sonny endeavours to rebuild a relationship with Will, but Will does not remember their love. He then injected Will with something that would make him appear to be dead. But when Sami jilts Austin at the altar, Will cannot cope and runs away to Chicago. Gabi accepts a plea deal and goes to prison, leaving Arianna in the care of Will and Sonny. Mistress Euclid Will has been lured into an affair with his ex-stepfather, EJ. But in the meantime, take the afternoon off. Will is further hit when Sami tells Will that Grace was his biological half sister. Will's cheeks burned, and he could barely breathe. Will closed his eyes, and he felt EJ's lips on his own. If I did, this is how the story would look. He started to enjoy himself, taking careful note of each of EJ's grunted instructions. Let's face it, anyone with a brain and eyes knows the show has been implying EJ is using Will for more than campaign errands. Will gasped, throwing his head back. After awhile, EJ pulled back.

    Gay days of our lives sex stories

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      Their adventure brings them close, and Paul develops feelings for Will. EJ stood up, and he gently put Will back in his pants and zipped him up.

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      But when Will has an accident as a child, his blood is tested, and Sami then realizes that Lucas must be Will's real father.

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