• Girls and sex machines


    A friend we met on the Net offered to make us a machine. And that was when Bill was doing it for free. Tapping into his skills as a customized motorcycle builder, Scott began Sex Machines Unlimited and has named his newest machine the Ultimate Ride. My boss, who is very religious, thought it was a great idea, because this could be saving marriages. I think he just likes being around females and likes the whole lifestyle of having pretty girls running around all the time.

    Girls and sex machines

    Scott reaches me five months after my visit. For a couple, it opens up a lot of possibilities sexually. I guess we are the perverts of the world. I got a couple of ideas and perfected it in about two weeks. The machines are that hook. One went to Deb and Bill. We felt there was a need for something erotic on the Net that involved the machines and involved a woman like Deb, a real woman. Sex Machines celebrates the spirit of American ingenuity and bold approaches to an ever-changing sexual landscape. The machine was like that for me: For the most part, everyone I built a machine for had choices to make during the entire process. We met three years ago. One was even finished to match other furniture in the house. It was an idea I came up with in the last year or two of the marriage, as a lastditch attempt to save whatever we had…our sex life, if nothing else. I just really enjoy the path to get there. His current housemate is Cassie, a year-old community college student whom Steve has known for a few months. Why try to build relationships or nurture friendships or work on the sexual problems that come up? The last machine I made was made for a retarded girl at the request of a family member. I call them if they are sick. We like to remind them that we are real people and they are too. I was a virgin when I got married. This machine fit in with our life perfectly. We send thank you notes out to everyone who joins. When someone would say I was beautiful, I always denied it. All the machines were donated free of charge and all I asked in return was input about the function of each machine. I will require anyone ordering a machine from me to provide proof of marriage and a signed statement of intent to use only within that marriage—kind of like a gun dealer that requires proof of age and proof of passage of a firearm safety test before selling someone a firearm. We wanted to get machine sex porn into the hands of the average Joe, with a woman they could relate to. Then we started hanging out.

    Girls and sex machines

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      So, if you wanted to make cookies, you can detach the mixer from the machine, hook it to its original base and bowl—clean it off, of course—and you can get to work in the kitchen. The end result was a machine with their own personal preferences color, stroke length and speed.

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