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    I took his dick and slid it into my tight pussy as my eyes rolled in the back of my head. He falls victim to a vengeful woman who seeks revenge in ways that will make him shudder the rest of his life I pulled the dress over my head and when I looked up my grandpa was standing in my doorway staring at me and rubbing his crotch and licking his lips. It was a blistering hot day in South Alabama so I turned my floor fan on high and cranked up some Rihanna. My pussy was throbbing and grandpa knew exactly how to pleasure me. Grandpa was moaning and grunting as his sweet , supple teenage granddaughter pleasured his old dick. However, Grandpa would always make me take off all of my clothes and underwear for my spankings. I tried it on and modeled it around my bedroom.

    Grandpa and girl sex

    He falls victim to a vengeful woman who seeks revenge in ways that will make him shudder the rest of his life I was so stunned that I just stood there while he looked my supple, teen body up and down. I looked back and he was licking my sweet juice off his fingers. I pulled Grandpa into my dark bedroom and shut the door behind him. Grandpa was licking my pussy with his big pink tongue and kissing it with his big black lips. My puffy brown nipples would turn hard and I would get this weird feeling between my legs. He took control as he layed me on the bed and explored my wet and creamy paradise. Once inside, I began to bounce upon down while Grandpa grabbed onto my perky little tits. I was so wet that I had completely ruined my sheets. I rubbed it all over my perky brown tits and my face. I was so proud of them! Allow us to process your personal data? Daddy and Uncle Laron walked into my bedroom and saw me, their sweet baby girl, buck naked with her ass up in the air and their dear old dad who was also buck naked eating my pussy from behind. I pulled his shirt off and unzipped his pants to reveal a big, black, hard dick. He nutted all over my little titties and I continued to suck all the extra out. My puffy nipples turned hard and stood at his attention. All you could hear in my room was skin slapping together and the sloshing of our juices. Finally at around 10pm I tried to get some sleep but instead I thought about grandpa and our past. My aereolas are large, brown and puffy with nipples made for sucking. I have a flat tummy that leads down to a shaved pussy. My Uncle Laron walked into the room wearing nothing but a robe and rubbing his eyes. I moaned and he quickly covered my mouth. I teased Grandpa by licking the tip and stroking his throbbing dick. I heard him softly sigh as a he cupped them. I grabbed his hands and placed them on my perky breasts. I wanted to fulfill all his fantasies that he had been having about since the day he started staring at my little puffy buds. He reached down and took my right nipple into his big mouth.

    Grandpa and girl sex

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      My puffy nipples turned hard and stood at his attention. He would spank me and then rub my bottom with his bare hand afterwards and tell me how much he loved me.

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