• Haveing sex in the pool


    I am sorry to hear about all this. Men tend to be real keen on 'sex in the pool', because there is something in the male psychological make-up which makes them interested in trying out new locations for intercourse. As regards the legal position, I am not a lawyer. And it still hurts whenever my husband enters me during sex, even when I am wet. That is a condition is which the vaginal muscles go into a spasm, whenever an approach is made to the sex organs. They know about special ways to help a female relax her vaginal muscles.

    Haveing sex in the pool

    Also, I still have some hopes of having another baby. Next time my wife goes to the United States of America, she is thinking of getting one of those 'hormone ring' contraceptives. I, therefore, spoke to a number of gynaecologists at a medical meeting in New York, and asked them what they thought. In fact, there is nothing to be frightened of, because in reality the vagina is a very roomy organ, and has plenty of space for a tampon. The water tends to wash away the woman's lubricating juices, and that can be a problem. My wife has treated me disgracefully, and I now realise that the child who I thought was mine is in fact another man's son! Sunday October 23, Well, away from Viagra there are two other oral tablets used to treat erectile dysfunction. But you should go and see a doc, who can give you a good check-up to find out why you are having erection problems. To be frank, she gets me real excited. Without exception, they all said that underwater sex was OK. We have access to a swimming pool, and it is a real nice, private place. I have never been consulted by a couple who found that the ring caused them any problems with their sex life. Again, I asked the gynaecologists about that and they said that there was no problem, and that the water could not get anywhere near the site of conception, or affect the child in any way. They know about special ways to help a female relax her vaginal muscles. As I expect you know, strokes 'cerebro-vascular accidents' are common in Jamaica, particularly among those who have 'pressure'. But I urge you to think hard about the welfare of that little boy, who presumably still believes that he is your son. But does underwater love-making carry any risks? The idea is that the woman inserts it into herself, and leaves it in there for three weeks. Generally, one needs DNA testing in order to be absolutely certain. But what is making me fret is this. Do you think the water could get inside me, Doctor? At the age of only 38, I suddenly lost my nature. I am sorry to hear about all this. Quite a lot of couples do like to make love in water from time to time.

    Haveing sex in the pool

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    Couple caught in public pool just metres from other swimmers

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