• Having interspecies sex with a dragon


    It was simply in their nature. A sturdy oak, Alia thought, though she was not sure. He glared at her, and Alia thought she could see his dark golden eyes watering for a moment. The stairway seemed to take ages to descend. It made her laugh a little bit, too. And perhaps he'd also been glimpsed by brave children who dared to try and catch a peek at the beast through the many air vents carved into the stone all around the central citadel of Illandra's keep. Alia rubbed his paw between her hands.

    Having interspecies sex with a dragon

    The horns were dark, and ridged almost like those of some exotic goat. Come to think of it, maybe it wouldn't be so bad to have her own contingent of guards. Perhaps she should have had some of those guards stick around after all. Just like his paw his face was very warm, and she could feel his hot breath washing across her body each time the dragon exhaled. At least to me they do! The only sounds that penetrated the thick underground gloom were the distant trickling of water and the dragon's slow, steady breathing. The dragon knew she was just trying to act confident? The dragon stepped up onto a slightly raised ledge that jutted out from one of the walls of his chamber. Though the dragon had been here for a long time, his body showed little sign of atrophy. A shame he was such a monster. Alia turned around and found him still staring at her. She sounded like a fool. Of course, because elementals are usually not even anatomically compatible with mortals, the book mentions that magic of some sort is usually involved in their conception. The dragon's wing membranes looked so smooth, almost soft. Some kind of monster. She walked to the massive, carved doors and slowly unlocked them. She pinched the bridge of her nose with a little sigh. Plenty of hard work meant her body stayed in excellent shape, and natural blessings ensured that the same hard work wouldn't dull the lovely feminine curves that marked her body. Any idea where the water comes from? They were folded up against his body, but now and then they twitched and rustled as if of their own accord. Then again, there was a good chance this assignment was punishment for delivering a well placed knee to a visiting noble who couldn't keep his hands off her breasts. Bring dragon sized paddle sometime. Alia moved forward, and ever so gently took the dragon's front paws in her hands. Male or female, its dangerous enough looking from a distance. Just imagine, she thought. Even birds and bats only had four limbs in total including their legs and their wings. Nymphs are still Always Female.

    Having interspecies sex with a dragon

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