• How to get your wife interested in sex


    Flirt - If you think back to earlier times in your relationship, I bet the two of you were more flirtatious. You may be forgetful like me. Can you not encourage her to make love to you? Evaluate whether side effects from medications or medical conditions are a factor in your situation. When men are proud of something, they show it off.

    How to get your wife interested in sex

    Give her time to enjoy the sensation and your hands on her naked body. How did she deal with the difficult client she told you about a few days ago? Most husbands would gladly take a bullet for their wife, but do you protect her reputation? This post offers 11 tips for the spouse whose desire for sex has seemingly vanished. Your wife may be understanding at the moment, but if you put things off much longer, she might not be around. But part of the healing that must take place between the two of you involves your active participation in things that will help your partner feel better. If you don't, you are missing out on one of life's greatest joys, feeling truly intimate with the person you love. And here's a little secret. However, for millions of couples, there is trouble behind closed doors. You'll probably surprise yourself. If she likes flowers and candles, put them there for her, or just play her favorite music in the background. If you get a chance, as a supplement to this post, read 1 Corinthians 7: Were you having sex in different positions, locations, times of day, week, or month? I would just like to massage your back. Michele Weiner Davis is the creator of the Divorce Busting Centers, learn more on how you can solve marriage problems and stop divorce. Recall times you were feeling sexier and ask yourself what you were doing differently then. Put on your running shoes Joggers always say that the hardest part about running is putting on your running shoes. But I urge you to do precisely that. You may also wonder if you will ever feel the same way about being sexual as you once did. There is no quick fix. It will stimulate some great discussions and who knows what else. Provide for your wife, beyond financially. Sometimes it's hard to put into words the things that turn you on. Play this card well! Show the side of your personality you know she likes the best. Pinterest 27 If there is one common question that resides in the minds and hearts and pants of men, it is this:

    How to get your wife interested in sex

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    3 Ways to Get More Sex

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