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    Sexual and other violent offending in the community deserves a rational, thoughtful, long term examination of the measures that will serve the community most effectively. Available community based treatment and residential services that are specialized, professionally operated and adequately funded. Offender registry is often developed as a reaction to a particular violent crime, most often sexual in nature. Ontario passed legislation in that provided for the establishment of a sex offender registry that is accessible by the police. Just because offender registry may achieve something that cannot currently be achieved through existing mechanisms does not bestow any new value on offender registry. If offender registry were really about crime prevention, people would not be so comfortable when the offender flees the area to become someone else's problem.

    John howard and sex offenders

    The United States has many examples of what happens when people are frightened and uninformed. While eligibility for full parole is usually set at one third of the sentence Corrections and Conditional Release Act, , s. It is hardly concerned for the new community, which is now faced with housing a known offender who is living in fear and without community support. Church helps when pedophiles feel weak. A summary of research results. Following national consultations, the federal government expanded the types of information available to police through CPIC. The offender who does not care whether he faces a fine or imprisonment for failure to register may simply fail to register and commit a new offence while administrators are unaware that he is not properly registered. There has been only one published survey of treatment programs that suggested that treatment is ineffective Canada's international reputation as a just and peaceful society is reflected in the fact that criminal justice in Canada includes a genuine effort to correct antisocial behaviour. As such, the following discussion is necessarily oriented toward sex offender registry. A meta-analysis User Report Speaking for western Canadian premiers, Ralph Klein is quoted as having indicated that, "Notwithstanding any movement by the federal government, we will proceed immediately to co-ordinate our efforts as provinces to set up registries in our own jurisdictions" Geddes, , p. In Alberta, information about a potentially dangerous sex offender can be communicated to the public in accordance with an established protocol. What is the evidence that sex offenders are incurable? Typically, a community member would want to make a confidential inquiry about an individual who is of concern. We need to do everything we can to make our communities safe The issues are, however, applicable to all types of offender registry. Offender Registry in General Most of the research on offender registry schemes deals with sex offender registry. Solicitor General of Canada. By believing that we have dealt with the problem of sexual or other violent offenders in our communities, we may turn our attention away from support for adequate treatment and community supervision of these offenders. This problem is particularly difficult with respect to sex offenders. It is reasonable to anticipate that those individuals who will register themselves as required will most likely be those who are the most stable and, therefore, who the community fears the least. That is, they apply to all types of offender registry and, therefore, they are of concern regardless of the type of offender registry in question. If the registry requires the user to make a specific search, people must be sure to make individual inquiries of the registry about their friends, their friends' spouses and partners, their neighbours, their neighbourhood visitors, their children's coaches and their neighbourhood recreational sporting teams. The report details the cost of running the registry, how it will work and who will be forced to register Thomson, May 31,

    John howard and sex offenders

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