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    So if your two big passions are kinky sex and new experiences this one's for you. You should be all set. Making sweet love in the shower is likely to be on the agenda, so make sure your shower can accommodate two. Here are seven hotels designed solely to get guests in the mood: But it's the mood-inducing pleasure menus that makes it special. Let your darkest desires free in this kinky underground space. Most couples use holidays as a chance to reconnect on some level, but would you be daring enough to visit a fetish hotel? Stay and Play in Los Angeles holds fetish events 7.

    Las vages sex suites

    If this list has aroused your curiosity about sex in Las Vegas, check out our enlightening Las Vegas sex survey. Porn Availability The adult entertainment served up via in-house television varies widely between Las Vegas hotels. Lots of things about your bed can make a great time greater, so leave nothing to chance. Be smart, be safe and remember, what the hell have safe and smart ever done for you? The higher the ceiling, the better, as the light is more diffused and flattering. Dimmer switches are essential to finding the right balance of appealing visuals while creating a little mystery and concealing our imperfections. Check out photos on review sites to determine which rooms will satisfy your needs, if you get our drift. You can also order food such as chocolate truffles and oysters — both of which being known aphrodisiacs. Too often, hotel room sinks are too high to provide easy access. Beyond couches and chairs, ask about ottomans, office chairs, coffee tables, benches and night stands. Here are seven hotels designed solely to get guests in the mood: They don't give much away on the website, but apparently each room has it's own surprises including aquariums and tropical forests. Consider things like comfort, but also edge support, firmness, responsiveness and bounce. Scary looking chains and metal devices hang from the walls and there is an intimidating piece of equipment called "The Wheel of Agony". Guests can enter the "adult play space", which includes a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen facilities, through a discreet entrance. You laugh, but sink height is definitely a thing. Facilities include shower room and kitchenette, double bed, single futon, and a six-seater leather corner sofa should you wish to invite spectators or guests. Whether just for a few hours or an entire naughty weekend away, everything you need in this completely self-contained space will be at your disposal. Guests can "order in" their pick of flavoured condoms, sex toys and props. Either way, pace yourself. Outdoor Opportunities Visiting Las Vegas is an opportunity to get wild, and that includes the potential for sex outdoors. It's described as "a unique and alternative vacation residence, for unique and alternative people". You should be all set. Let your darkest desires free in this kinky underground space. If you're not at it all day and night it's also a great spot to visit famous London locations like Regents Park, Marylebone and Oxford Street. Discretion Counts What happens on the way to your Las Vegas hotel room can be as important as what happens once you get there.

    Las vages sex suites

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