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    Raped, deserted by her husband, and raped by her husband, then slapped by the woman richer. Xiao Mei is the character not so important, but also a crucial part of the whole story, being a hooker, she's a live description of how woman are forced by life itself to drop into the traps of death. There are a lot more details, but I don't have space and time to explore them, it is a movie worth of watching, I have already gone through it for the 3rd time, and still find new things. This detail is just so true and so carefully expressed over the whole film. This rendering effect sets the baseline of the whole film, which is a sad, unfortunate, but realistic movie.

    Lost in beijing sex scene videos

    This detail is just so true and so carefully expressed over the whole film. Even though I'm surrounded by it daily, this movie gives a little bit more intimacy than what I'm normally exposed to. Sign in to vote. An kung asked for money when he found out that his wife has been raped. They are so stupid to lose love over trivial things as money, or power. Other common themes were greed and face. Wang Mei said she could never object her husband's decision for 16 years. When ping guo was pregnant he just directly came to his wife and acted like: It contrasts the victim with his or her oppressor and the deceived against the deceiver. The story is about a poor migrant couple and a wealthy couple living in Beijing. An kung and Lin Dong, one poor one rich, both regard the women as some kind of possessions in their lives. It is not an easy weather to live in, as someone raised in this kind of weather, you learn to endure it, suffer from it, and adapt to it. The contrast is between a rich, childless couple and a poor, working class couple. Their lives become intertwined through a set of unfortunate and somewhat disturbing circumstances. The less experienced Bingbing Fang was especially good as Ping Guo, the lead character. Spoilers Being an international student studying in U. I think this is good though, because it sticks closer to what reality might be like, instead of having clearly defined heroes and antagonists with a full circle ending. Still an interesting perspective of Chinese culture that was banned in China. That is the realistic view of winter Beijing, having the cold wind cutting into your bones. His own wife can not give birth, so he goes out all the time to hookers and he acts as if he has the right to do so. If you are a traditional Chinese, you may even find this reasonable, but if you look at this from a different view, he is regarding his wife as his belongings, he's asking for money as a compensation because, his belonging is damaged, and he believes that money can compensate all his sufferings well, if you regard women as a commercial product, you can buy a different one with more money, right? The ending seems random, but actually giving all the information you need to understand what the movie wants to reveal, two women sitting together, both realizing that they are the victims of the culture, holding hands in tears. I hope everyone reading this can understand a little more about the Chinese society and culture. The scenery is set amid the toxic haze of a sprawling Beijing with lots of greys and muted colours. Was this review helpful? Ping guo, as a weak, uneducated woman, having no power in the society, no freedom, being so desperate to have someone to rely on and someone to love her, became the center of the whole tragedy.

    Lost in beijing sex scene videos

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      I'll admit I haven't seen many, but from what I have seen, this is certainly above and beyond. That is the realistic view of winter Beijing, having the cold wind cutting into your bones.

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