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    I don't like shaving completely, neither aesthetically nor for comfort reasons. No, but I wish she would. None, unless you count overhearing through walls. I remember being amazed - I had seen the anatomical drawings, of course, but had never connected that with my own body in reality, and had no idea that those intense sensations could be produced from stimulating such a tiny spot. It was a revelation.

    Men sex survey results

    Actually he ejaculates on my face- aka: However, unless I'm in a long-term fluid-bonded relationship, that's the deal. I think it looks plastic and fake, or immature and childish to have no hair at all there, male or female. I was 18, and my first lover encouraged me to begin masturbating. I had touched myself as a child and early adolescent, and had been intensely shamed for it, so there were emotional issues I had to deal with before I could start over, so to speak. The following woman's responses are much more complete than most, and she's had sex with more partners than most women. I find it disgusting. Not too many comments on this one. He has said that it is the most intimate sexual experience for him and makes him feel loved like nothing else does. No matter who you are or how you identify, please consult a doctor before attempting to have sex with a centaur. In the past, I would sometimes push so hard trying to reach that goal that I'd drive myself to the point of tears of frustration - never a good thing in the middle of sex. The next largest category 37 percent are cisgender men. This has netted a tremendous amount of information which is nuanced and complete--but a total nightmare to do anything with. My husband prefers to ejaculate inside me and the oral sex is more part of our foreplay. The other most common answers were "work" 44 percent , "OkCupid" 26 percent , "Tinder" 25 percent , and "hanging out in coffee shops" 13 percent. Most surveys have answers that can be computer scored. Masturbating and edging for two hours while he pretended to be a wartime nurse. I realized that I had been having "wet dreams " for years while asleep! What kind or brand of birth control do you use? Generally, it's not uncomfortable, and the flirting continues, with perhaps more of a "knowing" undertone. I never really liked it in the past anyway. I hit puberty young physical changes starting at 8, menstruation at barely 9 and I know I touched myself even before that; I couldn't even guess an accurate age. Considering your last couple of partners, how satisfied were you with their ability to last during intercourse too long, too short, just right. If you have hooked up with someone for only a night, what was the sex like? If your partners have shaved, trimmed or waxed anywhere below the neck, please describe what and where, and if it had any impact on their desirability.

    Men sex survey results

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      Has this had any impact positive or negative in your desire for sex since you started using it?

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      If you have a male partner, is his penis circumcised cut or uncircumcised uncut? It was a revelation.

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      I tried a Hitachi, after much celebratory gossip from friends; I shrieked and leaped away. Not too many comments on this one.

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