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    What constitutes best practice? Children twelve and younger with sexual behavior problems: This process allows for the expression of each offender's thoughts and feelings and minimizations , which is invaluable to formulating an offender's crime cycle. Journal of Child Sexual Abuse, 11, 63— What therapists, law enforcement and child protective services need to know. Female perpetrators of child sexual abuse: Research and literature on sex offenders with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

    Mentally offender retarded sex

    In general, however, intellectually disabled sex offenders are characterized by lower intellectual functioning than intellectually "normal" sex offenders. Intellectually disabled sex offenders also differ from other sex offenders in other ways, some of which suggest an increased risk of reoffending. Addressing juvenile females who commit sexual offences. New Theory and Research pp. The personal concerns module is a forum for learning and applying basic problem-solving skills. Treatment of the developmentally disabled sex offender. These offenders may be excluded from certain treatment programs as a result of their borderline intelligence, illiteracy, impulsiveness or inadequate social skills. Adolescent females who sexually abuse. The overall program is made up of three trimesters. Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice, 13, — A comparison of sexual histories with eleven female nonsexual offenders. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, , 95— However, if such an offender is deemed unsuitable for regular sex offender programming or is main-streamed through such a program, their likelihood of recidivism will probably not be significantly reduced - their unique treatment needs will not have been met. New theory, research and practice developments. These sex offenders usually perceive themselves as victims, are unable to understand the needs of others, and tend to think that their only mistake was getting caught. Treating Intellectually Disabled Sex Offenders: Developmentally disabled persons with sexual behavior problems: Aggression and Violent Behavior, 4, 93— A multidisciplinary team delivers the program's various components. This is followed by a skills acquisition phase that emphasizes learning new ways of dealing with anger through analysis of current situations and discussion of appropriate responses. Intellectually disabled offenders also generally victimize individuals who are smaller, less able to verbally protest more passive and less able to defend themselves. The program's various components include individual sessions, behavioural therapies, medical interventions, adjunctive therapies and group therapy modules see Table 1. Working with sexually aggressive and youth with sexual behavior problems pp. The Journal of Sexual Aggression, 8, 5— A review of the clinical and empirical literature.

    Mentally offender retarded sex

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