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    Raju ran his wet tongue along the length of her slit and then started exploring her exposed clitoris. Varsha lay on bed feeling her son, moving his crotch around teasing her! She felt his thick organ parting her moist lips and easing into her pleasure canal. Sensing his confusion and hesitation, Varsha pushed her fingers in his boxer shorts and pulled out his hot rigid piece of meat. Her love for her son as a mother had turned incestuous in two nights.

    Mom seduces son ino hving sex

    With Varsha sitting fully on top of it, she knew she would control how much it moved around inside. Her eyes were closed, face flushed with the intensity of pleasure which she was trying to hide unsuccessfully. Her wet pussy radiated heat between her tightly closed legs and feeling his big hard on bumping against her backside only served to turn her on more than she already was. She raised her ass up and felt a good few inches of his cock slide out of her pussy, then, holding her breath and with force, slammed her pussy back down. His mommy nodded in consent. She coerced her son to sit between her now spread legs and pulled his head down to her mound. With her ass now exposed to his penis, he groaned out loud and forced his hips upwards, intending to maneuver his cock in her ass-hole. Over the cries of orgasmic ecstasy, she could hear the wet slurping sounds from between her legs as her son never slowed his tongue lashing of pussy. Right or wrong, she was never going to forget this night. She leaned forward, bringing her face to his and pushed out the tongue. This was real, dirty incest. After much mental debate she decided to dispense with bra but not panties. Raju ran his wet tongue along the length of her slit and then started exploring her exposed clitoris. This was great; everything was falling in place for the sexually starved mother. She squeezed her big thighs against his head and rocked her ass on his face as the cunt juices squirted out like a mini fountain. She lay on bed thinking and fantasizing about her sons cock. His mouth and tongue kept on playing with her nipple as his fingers stimulated the hungry pussy, sliding across her meaty lips, and probing the entrance to sex starved cunt. Her son reached up and cupped his hands around her breasts, his eyes fixated on them. Sex starved Indian mother seduces her son Posted on by Maverick Indian mother sex starved, Indian mother seduces her son.. If and when it happened she was ready to execute her well laid out plan. It was quite a scene. Her body responded differently and started rocking back and forth, rubbing her fully engorged clit over his pubis. Varsha had lost count of orgasms she had, her throat was dry with moaning and groaning, while her breast and cunt were sore with mauling and pounding by her well hung son. Her moralist and conservative mind was opposing but body seemed to enjoy the game. She realized her pussy was itchy and throbbing with anticipation, and to calm her pussy she put her hand between her legs.

    Mom seduces son ino hving sex

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      She did not know how she would face her husband back home now that she had cheated on him. Her body started to squirm when his tongue grazed the clit, and licked her lips and folds.

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