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    Were you more active in your life? Just reassure your spouse that this time things are going to be different and say nothing more. Show your spouse what to do. If so, there are plenty of specialists who can help a willing patient. It is estimated that one out of every three couples has a sexual desire gap. You'll probably surprise yourself. If you have gotten out of shape and aren't fit, it's time to start eating better and exercising. Schedule an appointment for you and your partner with a therapist who is trained and experienced in the area of sexuality If you are a man whose sexual desire has plummeted due to your having sexual problems such as impotence or performance anxiety, a certified sex therapist can teach you many different techniques to overcome these difficulties.

    Online dating low sex drive

    Is there any better way to enhance your libido than with your own imagination? Michele Weiner Davis is the creator of the Divorce Busting Centers, learn more on how you can solve marriage problems and stop divorce. You might also consider taking a drug such as Viagra, which will help you have and maintain an erection. Look for the small flutters Dr. Is he prepared to try to resolve his low libido? The benefits of being in shape extend far beyond your improved sex life. Even elderly and chronically ill people can enjoy a robust sex life. You need to take responsibility for making things better so that you will feel more loving toward your spouse. Sometimes it's hard to put into words the things that turn you on. If you don't, you are missing out on one of life's greatest joys, feeling truly intimate with the person you love. Libido is a largely biological phenomenon, and you should never apologize for your own internal chemistry. Your wife may be understanding at the moment, but if you put things off much longer, she might not be around. Perhaps it's the seesaw phenomenon at work; the more one person does of something, the less the other person does. Wasn't it more fun? Your marriage won't last that long. Flirt - If you think back to earlier times in your relationship, I bet the two of you were more flirtatious. Your negative feelings or apathy may have more to do with the chase than sex itself. Getting What You Want After a Certain Age Much is made of middle-aged men sleeping with younger women, middle-aged women turning into cougars , and older couples exploring their sexuality with, well, other couples. Since you are the one reading this, I am going to strongly suggest that it is you who has to take charge of changing things. Take a challenging class. If you aren't all that interested in sex at the moment, you are probably thinking, "I don't feel cheated at all," but I'd like for you to take a moment and think back to a time when sex was more fulfilling. I know it is really difficult for a man to admit he is worried about low sexual desire and even more difficult to ask for help in this area. The next post will offer tips for the spouse yearning for more physical closeness. You may also wonder if you will ever feel the same way about being sexual as you once did. This post offers 11 tips for the spouse whose desire for sex has seemingly vanished. If you are one of those people, you need to do something to change the way you feel about your body. Don't resign yourself to passionless lovemaking or a relationship void of true intimacy.

    Online dating low sex drive

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