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    The included Universal Dildo Holder allows it to easily attach to a power drill for intense pleasure. When people read stories like this they tend to quickly try to gauge the ease of escape. You do not belong to yourself. Traffickers believe victims to be their property. Featuring a suction cup, this dildo can be used without a power drill. Included is the Vac-U-Lock compatible Drilldo bit. The trafficker used rape to reinforce the statement he told his wife each day, "You're mine. The traffickers' systematic rape of victims produced children; the traffickers then took the children to Mexico and told victims they would never see their children again if they didn't cooperate. With no buttons to fumble through, Drilldo delivers intense stimulation easily.

    Power tool sex

    Turn your household power drill into the ultimate sex toy with an array of specially made Drilldo attachments featuring the world-famous Vac-U-Lock fully interchangeable pleasure system. There are no tidy boxes when it comes to human trafficking and abuse, and this is becoming worse as the cost of victims plummets. The same tool that you use around the house can now be used for so much more! An AC adapter is also included in the kit to ensure your drill delivers intense power. Traffickers make fees next to impossible to pay, placing victims in debt bondage. It was a clear message: Today, this is an issue worldwide, says Kevin Bales, co-founder and former president of Free the Slaves and author of Blood and Earth , with victim disposability ever increasing. Traffickers believe they own their victims and have the right to do what they want with them, whether that's using victims for sex at one moment or labor at another. Forced labor traffickers force victims to have sex and sex traffickers force victims to work against their will. He withheld her passport and forced her to sleep on the floor. Simply attach the dildo to any smooth surface. Those who attempted escape were beaten. It sounds potentially innocuous or ominous, depending on a person's life outlook and knowledge on human trafficking. You are not yours. This adversely affects the need for victim survival. The power behind the Drilldo lies within your trusty power drill. Available in pink and purple colors, the beads are sleek and soft to the touch. Drilldo offers a unique, dynamic alternative to self stimulation and couples play. Traffickers not only threaten to harm or kill victims but also victims' family members, including children that result from traffickers raping their victims. Repeated rapes create physical and psychological trauma. Vac-U-Lock compatible Designed to be used with Vac-U-Lock — the world's first fully interchangeable — the Drilldo collection can be used with a wide variety of attachments. The more disposable victims become, the less traffickers are concerned about preserving their goods than using and getting rid of them. When people read stories like this they tend to quickly try to gauge the ease of escape. Featuring attachment designs for every sensual desire, ranging from lifelike shapes to anal play, Drilldo effortlessly and powerfully gets the job done. The layered and compounded trauma from combined human trafficking and sexual assault creates numerous short-term and long-term adverse physical, sexual and mental health effects. The workers--children, women and men--faced public humiliation as punishment if they complained or made an error on the factory line.

    Power tool sex

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