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    It can be a real shock, especially if getting pregnant in the first place took a bit of trying. Some women are overwhelmed by maternal feelings, or just so tired and wrung out that sex is less appealing. Accept these ups and downs as a natural part of pregnancy. The purpose of sex during pregnancy is closeness and pleasure. Your pregnancy sex drive - what a rollercoaster! What happens when your pregnancy sex drive drops?


    As your breasts become fuller and more sensitive, and blood flow to your pelvic area increases sensitivity, you could find you are having the best sex of your life! Doggie This position needs no introduction. Some couples are also concerned that penetration might hurt the baby. The hubs may also be more turned on by watching his fertile goddess of a wife flaunt her newfound curves in fashionable maternity outfits. Many moms- and dads-to-be do not feel like having sex during pregnancy. The whole experience is awkward and ends disastrously, leaving both parties feeling frustrated and unsatisfied. This allows her to have her clitoris up against his top leg. Four top tips for your pregnancy sex drive Share the moment. The belief that sex can induce labor is probably mythological, although if you have sex near when labor was destined to begin maybe it will give it a kick start. The purpose of sex during pregnancy is closeness and pleasure. Often a compromise can be achieved that meets both your needs. Some women are overwhelmed by maternal feelings, or just so tired and wrung out that sex is less appealing. You belly is growing, but not so big that it makes you feel uncomfortable. Content provided on this site is for entertainment or informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical or health, safety, legal or financial advice. As long as the contractions stop within an hour or two, it is considered normal. Your midwife or GP will listen without judgement. Spooning Where the man embraces the woman from the back and they fit together like spoons. It's also about cultivating romance, building suspense and ending with the tease. Seek professional help if you need it. Click here for additional information. You must involve your partner if you experience an altered sexual appetite. Seeing your body expand from every angle might also make a woman feel unattractive, says Dr Chong. Sure, the scene was dramatised for its entertainment value, but it does provide an honest look at pregnancy sex. Article Posted 7 years Ago Share this article. Medical issues that might require you to keep your knickers on include a low-lying placenta, vaginal bleeding or a vaginal infection.


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