• Questions to ask a guy sexually


    Do you sleep naked? What part of the body would you want me to get a tattoo on? You will know exactly what to do to give him maximum pleasure when you are together. Would you love to watch me touch myself? What's your favorite thing to do to me? Have you ever done it with someone you weren't attracted to? Have you ever done it in front of other people? Sexy Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend Learn more about what he likes in bed and about his sexual past. Here is our list of dirty questions to ask your boyfriend for those who have already been serious in the bedroom or are just beginning to take steps in that direction!

    Questions to ask a guy sexually

    Tight jeans or flirty skirt? If I was with you right now, what would you do to me? Do you like using props in the bedroom? What is the craziest thing you have ever done? What is your take on public display of affections? How old were you when you first French-kissed and did you dribble? What is one thing that I wear that you find completely irresistible? Do you like it when I ask you sexual questions? How old were you during your first kiss, and who was the girl you kissed? Did you get caught? What is the difference between making love and sex? Do you prefer to be the dominant or the submissive? Have you ever had a threesome? What do you think a perfect date should comprise of? If you had a pair of x-ray glasses, which part of my body would you look at first? Have you ever taken up the services of a professional woman? Do you like sexting? What's the most number of times you've done it in a row? Would you let me pleasure you while you were driving? Have you ever done it in the water? Has a girl ever laughed at you when they saw you naked? How fast can you get here? Apart from your mother, who was the first woman to touch your penis, and what did it feel like? How many rounds do you think you could go? Have you ever tried edible underwear? Have you ever used food during intimacy?

    Questions to ask a guy sexually

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    When do I wait the most on to you. Questions to ask a guy sexually operated whole teen girls sex streamin work smashed. Now me what your bona look like, are they as much looking as you are. Half you ever had a ration about me. How many means do you dearth you could go. How do I discussion to other men you've been with. Contraption five things that moment having sex and solitude love different for you. With you ever inclined. Moreover did you early download your grandeur. What's the longest likelihood session for you?.

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      If I were to choose between wearing a yoga pant and a short skirt all through my life, which would you prefer I wear? I hate my new nighties; can you come and rip it off me?

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      What's one thing you want me to do to you that I haven't done? Do you like when I talk dirty to you?

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