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    Such mixing contaminates the end product with the unforgivable taint of compromise and conflict of interest, hence the taboo. It had nothing to do with sexual morality. And the indictment does not assert that he leaked classified information to her. The two exchanged tens of thousands of electronic communications over that time, met frequently at her apartment and elsewhere, and took two trips overseas together. Hollywood has adopted this forbidden pairing as a trope to power its stories, usually with female reporters bedding male sources. In prospecting for news, a reporter must signal to his source his deep interest in the topic, his fascination with his source, and his trustworthiness. Reporters become over-dependent on favorite sources all the time, parroting their every position without ever getting intimate. Should the Watkins controversy be mitigated by the fact that she got the scoop and that nobody, as of yet, has contested her stories?

    Reporter has sex in van

    On this point her editor, Paul Critchlow, agreed in Esquire. But allegations presented in the indictment point with all fingers on both hands toward the likelihood that he leaked to her. My email alerts once suggested an unconventional liaison with my Twitter feed, which called the ethics cops. While working for BuzzFeed in April , Watkins broke the big story that Russian spies attempted in to recruit Carter Page who would later join the Trump campaign. Sleeping with your source—especially a vindictive congressman? But there are other ways to shed impartiality. This month, to put a news peg on it, New York Times reporter Ali Watkins was faulted for having grown too close to one of her potential sources, former Senate Intelligence Committee aide James A. Ali Watkins deserves a good scolding and professional reprimands if she crossed that line. They tend to speak the same language, nudging them closer to the sack. Also, sleeping with a source can be interpreted as payment for information—another no-no in American journalistic circles. Writing for Esquire' s February issue, Eleanor Randolph framed the story in the context of the rising numbers of women joining not just newsrooms but all walks of business life. Watkins and I enjoyed a collegial rapport during her Politico tenure, but we never worked on any story or column together. She remained on the politics beat and wrote repeatedly about him for the Inquirer. This article tagged under: It was a question of a consistent, clandestine relationship with a major political person whom she was writing about. Foreman and Cianfrani married in after he completed 27 months in prison on charges unrelated to Foreman. The only thing worse than having to sleep with your source is having to sleep with them a second time. Wolfe, recently indicted for lying to FBI agents investigating a leak of classified information from his committee, pleaded not guilty last week. Everybody ends up drinking and bunking in the same hotels, often traveling on the same plane or bus together for weeks or months, and the increased mutuality engendered by close proximity breeds attraction. But a generation ago a leading journalist by the name of Laura Foreman made such a case. From the outside, the source-building scrimmage can look a lot like courtship. Rosenthal's elephant one-liner is worded differently depending on where you find it. Hollywood has adopted this forbidden pairing as a trope to power its stories, usually with female reporters bedding male sources. Randolph showcased a marquee example of the double standard for female reporters in her Esquire piece. Should the Watkins controversy be mitigated by the fact that she got the scoop and that nobody, as of yet, has contested her stories? Talking to Randolph, Times editor Rosenthal laid out his ethical and pragmatic reasons for sacking Foreman, with an emphasis on the pragmatic. Rosenthal, learned of the Philly relationship, he demanded her resignation.

    Reporter has sex in van

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