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    Scacchi turned down the role in Basic Instinct that made Sharon Stone famous because it was 'offensive' Having her cake and eating it is something she has tried to do for most of her career, but it hasn't always worked out like that. But she couldn't settle into the star system, which seemed to preclude her. So, those two experiences were the toughest barriers I had to cross. At then end of the day they would go of to watch the rushes together, but Scacchi would never be invited. I mean, I used to say that the biggest struggle I had in my life was having to deal with the teachers at school on the south coast when I was an adolescent. There was this disapproval of people who exploited their own fame to advertise products. It taught me a great lesson. It was the best of both worlds.

    Scacchi ford sex scene

    It troubled me that I got a reputation for being a sexy actress. And she has just made a controversial new film, Shoot On Sight, about the anger and suspicion directed at Muslims after the London bombings in So she returned to Sussex, where her mother was living, and bought a small cottage. It went all the way down the line until it came to me. My decision had nothing to do with the famous scene where the character goes commando. But I was much younger, with no children and very few commitments, so I could afford to pick and choose. Greta Scacchi became known as 'Scorchy Scacchi' through her roles in films like White Mischief Greta Scacchi spent most of her early acting career playing femmes fatales and taking her clothes off on screen, while complaining that nobody took her seriously. She agreed to nude scenes, she says, only because they were demanded by the script as necessary, and by the box office to attract audiences - 'and if I'd said no, I wouldn't have worked'. Scacchi plays the wife of a senior Muslim police officer acted by Naseeruddin Shah - a character based on the real-life Scotland Yard assistant commissioner Tarique Ghaffur, who has claimed that racial discrimination blocked his promotion. She says she has no regrets about sticking to her guns. I knew what career I wanted - I wanted to go on to drama school and then become an actress. One for a cosmetics firm - 'I'd have been paid a million for just three days work over three years' - and another for Pirelli tyres, which she says would also have made her rich. It taught me a great lesson. It was a breeze. She was cast as George Clooney's wife in the spy film Syriana, but her role finished up on the cutting room floor. Pakula, would discuss her scenes with each other, but not with her. Her frustrations soon came to a head. One critic wryly remarked that when it came to handing out acting awards, of which she has many, including two Emmys, 'it was a close call who got the best performance nominations - Greta or her magnificent breasts'. I wasn't as driven as an actress as I could have been. It didn't help that the local paper, the Mid-Sussex Times wrote a front page story about how well I'd done. But she has always been a curious mix of follow-me-home sensuality and prudish high-mindedness, and although she has made nearly 50 major films, she claims to have turned down more raunchy work than she ever accepted. Yes I was offered it, but so was everyone else in Hollywood. Then my name was read out at assembly because I hadn't bothered to turn up to see the careers officer. I went to their laboratories in Paris and looked in all the cupboards to make sure there were no bunny rabbits having chemicals sprayed in their eyes, but I just couldn't sell my soul to them. Three years ago, Scacchi returned to Hollywood to look for parts.

    Scacchi ford sex scene

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      Scacchi plays the wife of a senior Muslim police officer acted by Naseeruddin Shah - a character based on the real-life Scotland Yard assistant commissioner Tarique Ghaffur, who has claimed that racial discrimination blocked his promotion.

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