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    Also concentrate on the sounds you hear—like the way your bodies sound coming together, the sound of their breathing. Manipulating the senses allows you to gently dip your toes into the BDSM waters instead of diving head first into the deep end of the pool. Some sex toys like glass or metal dildos can be cooled down in the freezer or heated up in a warm bowl of water. Sensory deprivation is commonly used in BDSM and appeals to beginners as well as experienced players. Taking away taste, however, is a little trickier. Add lotion or oils to your bare hands to make them even more versatile tools. Blowing a firm stream of air will elicit a cool sensation on damp skin. Blindfolds are one of the most common sensory deprivation tools.

    Sensory sex

    If you feel your partner is overwhelmed, help them talk about this. While using a blindfold alone will kick your kink game up a notch, it can be even more impactful when layered with other things. The possibilities are endless. They can firmly massage or tickle with lightly stroking fingers. Technically every type of bodily touch elicits some sort of sensation— even very painful things. Sensory deprivation is commonly used in BDSM and appeals to beginners as well as experienced players. Put simply, sensory deprivation is the act of removing one or more of the senses so the others become magnified or distorted. Pairing sensory deprivation with sensation play is a great entry point into the world of kink. Some personal favorites of mine are ylang-ylang, sandalwood, lemongrass, blood orange, and white cotton—but experiment to find your perfect blend. Add a pair of headphones playing sexy music to your blindfold set-up to make touch, smell, and taste larger than life. Aside from plugging the nose, you would have to overwhelm the taste buds with something powerful — like onions, hot sauce, sour candies etc. A Perfect Pairing Do you consider yourself among the kink-curious? As long as it involves taking away at least one of the senses, it counts — things like blindfolds, earplugs, and all the way to mummification. You can whisper in their ear what you are going to do but not when. The key, though, is to not make it seem like an overt effort—or a major assault on the senses. Focus your sight on something specific: Some sex toys like glass or metal dildos can be cooled down in the freezer or heated up in a warm bowl of water. Before introducing kink into your sex play always talk with your partner first. Perhaps introduce these ideas one at a time. I have heard of numbing with ice baths or numbing creams, but it sounds a bit too risky for me, and I wouldn't recommend it. This, in turn, can make your intimate encounters a different, exciting experience. It may feel less threatening and they will realise that using a sex toy can enhance your sexual pleasure together. Women get aroused by what they feel such as cuddling, massage and silky underwear. This will make them ache with anticipation of what you might or might not do. Try candles scented with sandalwood, bergamot and musk to create a sensual boudoir environment.

    Sensory sex

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