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    Upon examining it, she realised something that shocked her, stunned her so much that she screamed out loud, then eyed the door, hoping nobody heard her. Yes…it is, isn't it? Intelligent eyes wide and disbelieving, she came to the conclusion—the impossible conclusion, that she was in love with Poseidon. Is it because of his amazing eyes that you find yourself getting lost in, or is it his beautiful smile which can brighten your day, and you find yourself trying your hardest to suppress one of your own? Again he felt it pulling back as if someone was tugging him. Eventually, though, they came to an agreement in the form of a contest.

    Sex goddess theseus

    For Theseus, my flesh and blood, is already sailing to Crete, to the Labyrinth, to his doom. She was losing a battle against herself. Suddenly he understood Ariadne's clever plan. Every year they would enter the Labyrinth, never to be seen again. Nor could any human. As the goddess of wisdom herself, she thought back to the times she's been in love. A straight, proud nose, and full, pouty lips. With a start, she realised that she didn't love Theseus for who he was, thus ending in her abandoning him. But I will never get to thank you in person, for we will starve here in the Labyrinth, wandering its many wrong turns until hunger will let us wander no longer. A Pothena fic, featuring Athena and her thoughts, and a little bit of Poseidon at the end. Your review has been posted. He yanked it and was amazed to feel it yanked back. Or is it his handsome face? However, other versions of her myth have her born near the island of Cythera , hence another of her names, "Cytherea". Just thinking of his name brought back a flood of memories. Why do you hate him in the first place? Yes, too much for the orderly Athena, the stoic goddess who thought she could take anything on. When he opened them, some time later, the first thing he saw were the Minotaur's horns a millimetre from his face, but the monster was dead now, impaled by his own strength and speed. I thought the thread would run out. Like those marble statues the mortals carve perfectly? Unfolding the paper, she placed it on the desk carefully. Theseus drew the sword. She hugged and kissed him. They say that rivals know each other the best. No, it was not lust when I fell for Theseus. This man wasn't the man she was thinking about a moment ago.

    Sex goddess theseus

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      Ergo, the girl was turned into a horrible monster with snakes replacing her luscious hair, and her beautiful grey eyes turned into a tool that can turn people into stone, so nobody again may ever appreciate the loveliness of the grey eyes which looked so much like Athena's own. Short black hair, always messy, and a face with crinkles around his eyes caused by laughing too much.

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      Here she was, finally figuring her thoughts out, her feelings out, and she can do nothing about it. When his mistress bore him a son, Aegeus thought it was his own long-awaited child and welcomed him as his heir, but Poseidon knew that the boy, who was called Theseus, was his own.

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      They looked so much alike that Athena had taken him for his father, yet not realising that it wasn't him she was in love with, but someone who looked very much like him.

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