• Sex weekend and wife


    It gets you out of your head for a little while. It's a way to connect without speaking. Send your queries to suzigodson mac. Having sex allows us to be passionate, to show affection and we enjoy pleasing each other. It's easier to schedule than a formal date night. There are, of course, lots of great ways to combat stress - yoga, swimming, mindfulness meditation, wine etc - but sex is probably the fastest and most powerful antidote of all.

    Sex weekend and wife

    We recently asked married HuffPost readers who have sex every night barring things like sickness, business trips or other extenuating circumstances, of course how it has improved their lives and relationships. Stress and irritation hang in the air like static, creating tension and souring the atmosphere. It gets you out of your head for a little while. It forces you to get creative. I love knowing that I'm the reason he's smiling at work. It provides some much-needed couple time. We get it -- there are a million and one legitimate reasons not to have sex tonight, tomorrow or the day after that. We hold hands a lot, he slaps my butt when I'm working in the kitchen, I nuzzle his neck when he's working on research papers at the desk. What I mean is that it promotes togetherness, snuggling and cuddling, and it's a way to connect without words. Having sex allows us to be passionate, to show affection and we enjoy pleasing each other. And most importantly, we don't fight, argue or bicker! With minimal investment, a kind word, a hand held, a gentle touch, an empathic hug, or even just a warm smile, can become disproportionately powerful tools in your marital toolkit. There is no position or situation either of us has ever denied the other. It's a way to connect without speaking. Staying connected like that helps us communicate better outside of the bedroom. You might end up arguing less. It's easier to schedule than a formal date night. Sex advice with Suzi Godson: Your weekend sessions mean that you are already meeting that threshold, so it may not be the absence of sex, but the presence of stress that is making you both so grumpy in the week. If you use it, you won't lose it. When one person is feeling tired and irritable, their bad mood has a direct impact on their partner. Just don't ever stop doing it! It's a guaranteed mood booster. Below are 13 good reasons to get it on with your spouse on a near daily basis. And I'd like to think that good mood carries over into other parts of his day.

    Sex weekend and wife

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