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    Take the overdone goddess look and try something more original. Instead of being the 50th collegiette dressed as Jasmine, layer yourself in bright colors and scarves and bring the gypsy flair of Esmeralda, or don a slinky purple dress and channel your inner Megara. Get ready to take some mug shots! Bonus points for carrying around actual Franzia all night! Image Source Doodlebob I know for a fact that this is a true college costume, because the tapestry behind it cannot be found anywhere other than a college dorm. Disney Heroines There are so many to choose from, yet the classic princesses like Cinderella and Belle tend to be done more for Halloween.

    Sexy college halloween costume

    Plus, they're pretty easy to put together, so, if you and some friends want to scare some of your other friends this year, uh, you know what to do. Lioness Possibly the most overdone sexy costume, the cat costume can vary from latex-clad Catwoman to furry ears and a tail. All you need is a pair of scissors! The sexy librarian is at the juxtaposition of nerdy and mysterious. It was a frightening look, but she rocked it! Instant work of art! Get an old orange dress and paint the word "Guilty" on the back. All you need is some galaxy leggings, a black crop top, and space-y hair and makeup. Plus, it looks super cute. Cavewoman Use The Flintstones as inspiration for a sexy cavewoman look. Whether you choose a tried-and-true, stereotypical costume with a new twist or a costume that's classy with a hint of allure, get ready to turn heads this fall! Image Source Boxers I don't fully understand the true meaning behind this costume. If you're feeling prim, put on a headband and go as Blair. Image Source Commitment Does this shirt play into traditional heteronormative ideologies, and, as a result, feel slightly reductive? Instead of being the 50th collegiette dressed as Jasmine, layer yourself in bright colors and scarves and bring the gypsy flair of Esmeralda, or don a slinky purple dress and channel your inner Megara. Goddess Be better than the toga. Hot Sauce Get a few of your best girlfriends together and go as different types of hot sauce mild, hot and fire. Pair a green jumper with a white T-shirt and tights, and add a sash, a green cap, and a neckerchief to complete the look. It's the perfect costume! Image Source Gossip Girl Squad If you went to a high school that required uniforms--or have friends who brought their old school uniforms to college with them--you know what you have to do, right? Thankfully, this can be done! Your best bet is to check out a local thrift store for a vintage dress. Librarian An argyle sweater with a short skirt and heels? Complete the look with some handcuffs, a pair of black boots and your own personal placard. Bring along some Thin Mints if you're looking to make some new friends, too. You can totally pair this look with flip-flops!

    Sexy college halloween costume

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