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    Dropped around 95, and hasn't looked back since. But only in crossovers. Breaking the Fourth Wall: A fairy occasionally shows up to bring them to life, but it tends to turn out badly, since they know nothing other than how to give sexual pleasure. It was the highest scoring entry on the List Of Potentially Offensive Webcomics, having been awarded six "toilets" out of a possible five.

    Sexylosers com

    The comics are listed here. He accidentally feels up a transgender woman, who forces him to continue.. It's notable in that the graphic art and themes is not the point, but a vehicle for both comedy and serious discussion. She attends the funeral. It's bizarrely tragic, albeit funny and cringe-inducing as well. This Series Has Examples Of: It was the highest scoring entry on the List Of Potentially Offensive Webcomics, having been awarded six "toilets" out of a possible five. The longest-running arc with one featured Shiunji's former blowup doll Ishida's dug-up corpse, who tried to take revenge upon him and found that he was so perverted he would have been happy to be cut into bits. But only in crossovers. The urn her ashes are in is vaguely phallic. In accordance with site rules, please do not directly link NSFW pages. She tries using it as a dildo, and it breaks Sex toys in this series are moderately alive and remember everything that's done to them. Breaking the Fourth Wall: Later strips with the two of them continue tightrope-walking along the line without quite crossing it. Parodied; it shows events that never actually happened on the strip. Then it gets worse. Drawn in an animesque style, it followed the antics of several different characters. Bigger Is Better in Bed: In both cases so far, it's involved an insult to the readership and its presumed horniness. Harry Potter uses this to get in bed with Hermione Granger. The nymphomaniac mother kills her son's girlfriend via sexual exhaustion. Even extends to seemingly unconnected Running Gags - if Word of God through the site's navigation is to be believed, the strips with the punchline at the bottom of this page all feature the same woman. Kenta's face is almost always drawn in this style, and most of the time he indeed finds himself in embarassing situations due to him living with his horny mum Blank Face of Shame: Mike has masturbated to his sister several times - and masturbation is the only form of sexuality to him.

    Sexylosers com

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