• Slap a girl while having sex


    Why are those even on the table? But this woman, your woman, tells you what that request is. I'm willing to bet if you find out the truth, there will have been some touchy touchy by uncle Bob or older brother's friend. Of course, we have no idea how many people slap the pussy. Tell me what you want. People have a variety of reactions when they try this — some negative, some positive. In all fairness to Drewskie though, I suspect there is something bad from her childhood, she would never admit though.

    Slap a girl while having sex

    In order to make good contact with your hand on the cheek in that position, the head is going to have to be tilted back a good bit when the submissive is in a kneeling position, so keep that in mind. This is not about abuse. The real question, though, is would God be just as cool with slapping dicks? You know, just a little. And it must be ubiquitous enough in porn, and intriguing enough in real life, that people are taking to forums like Reddit and other sexual health forums to find out if women actually like it, or the reverse — why guys are actually trying to do it. Any dominatrix can tell you that a lot of their clients are powerful businessmen, that come to them because of secret desires to be ridiculed, and enslaved, and beaten. And although it is possible to have a pre-arranged agreement that it is acceptable to slap during an orgasm, your partner needs to be attuned to your mood and be able to determine if a particular session of sex is the right time to apply a little force. My ex is an example. I will immediately back down or comply with what is being asked of me. Under what conditions, and when during the sex? In that moment, it always feels like a miracle. I have heard of a few girls who enjoy this type of behavior as well, one wanted to be choked, hard and serious. Many chicks who like it rough, are nothing more than spoiled brats who should've been slapped around when they were kids, and have an unconcious desired to be disciplined because they were coddled. Can anyone here guess how she died? The partner on the receiving end needs to ensure their jaw is closed, since a well-placed smack to the lower jaw can dislocate it. Why are those even on the table? Even if his wussiness hangs in the balance. I happen to prefer the kneeling, cock sucking position because sucking a dick or being face fucked is an inherently submissive act, and the slap helps reinforce that to a degree. One woman who wrote to me had some issues in her background that affected how she felt about being slapped during sex. When it happens to me, I instantly turn into Woody Allen. And then we men, well, we get a little terrified. And, honestly, a parade would only give her a chance to change her mind. You want to slap such that the pads of the fingers on an open hand hit the soft, fleshy part of the cheek. Anecdotally, I remember seeing it in some generic faux lesbian porn once in the 90s, but no one ever actually tried to slap my pussy in college. Start soft and go slow with a partner and keep open lines of communication. So you proceed as normal, until something strange happens. Most sexual fantasies are acting out on what has been missing in some peoples lives.

    Slap a girl while having sex

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    Couple having sex in public get slapped by an irate father

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