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    A total of 7,, impressions were displayed during this period; banners yielded a click-through-rate of 0. Median sagittal section of female pelvis. It should not be confused with the " pectinate line ". We used two formulations of the measure of SEM dose: All demographic variables included in Table I and the psychosocial measures were included in the model as exogenous covariates based on a priori considerations of their potential to be confounds and to not be on the causal pathway between exposure to SEM and the specified outcomes. Other Characteristics HIV status was asked with five response options: Responses were coded 1 for providing the desirable answer to each item.

    Snel sex

    Consequently, the aims of this study were two-fold. The ischioanal fossa lies on each side of the anal canal. The survey was designed to collect data on exposure to SEM, sexual behavior, and psychosocial factors associated with HIV transmission risk behavior. This article has been corrected. In these studies SEM consumption or specific SEM genres have been found to be positively associated with finding anal sex activities appealing, having sex with two or more men at the same time and engaging in unprotected anal intercourse 8 , 13 , 21 — In addition we were interested in what relationship, if any, exists between such preferences and HIV risk. Create File Ear Hear. The results suggest that a preference for bareback SEM is associated with engaging in risk behavior. Generate a file for use with external citation management software. Median sagittal section of female pelvis. For the latter, we specified the categorical measure as nominal to compare different exposure levels to a common referent category, and we ran a separate model in which we specified the measure as ordinal to test for linear trend. Education was measured categorically. Responses were coded 1 for providing the desirable answer to each item. In addition, four items were used to assess the frequency of accessing SEM through the following four sources: Exponentiation of resulting coefficients from these models yielded prevalence rate ratios PRR and a prevalence odds ratio POR , respectively. Participants were recruited through banner advertisements placed on gay-oriented websites through the Gay Ad Network. Sexual Behavior Participants were asked to report the number of casual unprotected anal intercourse male partners UAIMP in the last 90 days. In this sample, the Cronbach alpha is 0. In the late s, the major gay SEM producers in the USA committed to show all anal sex between men depicting condoms 17 , See other articles in PMC that cite the published article. Internalized Homonegativity IH We used the revised Reactions to Homosexuality scale 34 to measure internalized homonegativity. Structure[ edit ] The anal canal is divided into two unequal sections, upper and lower. Social Desirability We used the Marlowe-Crowne short-form 32 to measure social desirability. Diversity in cochlear morphology and its influence on cochlear implant electrode position. Since then, the use or non-use of condoms in gay SEM has remained controversial, with industry safer sex advocates arguing to retain the standard both to protect actors and to model safer sex behavior, while others argue that consumer demand and competition from amateur SEM producers necessitate bareback production This study demonstrates a large variety in cochlear morphology, which significantly impacts electrode position in terms of modiolus proximity and insertion depth. Finally, frequency and duration measures of SEM consumption of any kind in the last three months were combined to create an index of the hours per week dedicated to SEM consumption.

    Snel sex

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      Measures Exposure to SEM Exposure to SEM was measured in terms of content preference for protected and unprotected anal intercourse, the frequency of exposure to protected and unprotected anal intercourse, and the typical frequency and duration of exposure to SEM of any kind.

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