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    When I was in the band it was akin to the early Who and when Sid 6 replaced me it was more a media exercise. Whatever happened to the new song you wrote for the Pistols, which you said sounded like Pink Floyd's Interstellar Overdrive? People forget that you were very young and yet public enemy No 1, at the centre of incidents such as going on Bill Grundy's show and the police arriving with truncheons. He lived round the corner. I liked John's quote that we might not be the best of friends but we certainly aren't the best of enemies. Five years ago at the last gig we did in Spain. It was all right … then we did one in Helsinki at some place next to an ostrich farm. There was always some story coming up and we'd be on the front pages to stop people talking about what they should be talking about.

    The sex pistols pretty

    Being at art school and being hip to the Dadaists and Marcel Duchamp, you'd nick something and make it your own. We're the Sex Pistols and that's something to be celebrated I think. But none of us could relate to that stuff anyway. I took loads of photos on a series of disposable cameras and threw them all in a box, where they've been sitting there ever since. Why now, after 18 years? After the Pistols you played with Iggy Pop 9. Footnotes 1 Filmed in Manchester, the Pistols' boozy, sweary appearance on Grundy's Granada TV chat show on 1 December catapulted them to national attention via tabloid headlines such as The Filth and the Fury. We'd all gravitated to Malcolm McLaren's shop 3 and it became the epicentre of all that was weird and wonderful in London. On the other hand, maybe it did. I like to think we always start a trend. I dunno if I'm always in a band so much as getting the chance to play bass with somebody. John was his big mate. It was all right … then we did one in Helsinki at some place next to an ostrich farm. It's a beautiful day. But they threw bottles at us in Roskilde [in Denmark]. Did punk rock have to happen? Was it nice to play gigs and not have people spitting and throwing bottles at you? I got them out of my attic recently and one of my mates had a butchers and said, "Wow, these would make a great book. It didn't do us any harm. As soon as I saw him he said, "Let's go and see Rotten …" Did it feel very different the second time around? I was pretty hurt by that. There was too much too soon. The second time round it was , Have you regretted it? Possibly nobody would have heard of us if it wasn't for him, but nobody would have heard of him if it wasn't for us! You can't win with some people, can you? Holidays in the Sun , even … Yeah, I think so.

    The sex pistols pretty

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