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    Mentally Theo keeps using the term "squirrelly waitress" to describe Jules which I got tired of really quickly. You have to feel this carpet," Lee instructed, making Fleury feel the plush purple rug in one of the group therapy rooms. But despite the ups and downs, Fleury has found peace with himself, a priority. The first few chapters of 4 were good, that's what made me go back to 1, I wanted the full story. But he's happy with all that he's left behind. She said it helped her rid herself of the shame and guilt that she never even realized was causing her so much turmoil in her daily life. The term didn't work for me and I cringed whenever it was written.

    Theo and katie k sex

    I get that this is a series. What really went on with the kids? And hey, Theo has a super cute dog that just happens to love her family! She actually kidnapped them to save them from her horrible stepmother, seriously horrible! Barthel is a petite blonde who exudes both motherly warmth and a chic, worldly sophistication. On the surface, the two have virtually nothing in common. I think it may be because you never see the investigation at work - just stand alone scenes. The whys of their back stories were pretty sketchy. I think if you took only the suspense plot scenes from the book and pieced them together without the romance development, you would find there isn't much cohesion or development. Fleury has found healing through helping, but that doesn't mean there still isn't plenty of room for growth. She remembered seeing Fleury's face on the cover of "Playing with Fire" and being so put off by his demeanor that she didn't even want to read it. The why of the suicide is an open thread that you have to wonder if it's going to be picked up later in the series. I had major issues with the final suspense scene from doubting Theo's capabilities to asking why the back door of a crime scene was left unchecked. Although the series has solid potential, for me, it wasn't a stellar start. Graham James was a gift. Viggy with Dee definitely tugged at my heart strings. They will have access to music and art therapy and other amenities to aid in the "treatment and healing, aimed at the mind, body, heart and spirit of child victims and their families," according to the ranch's mission. The stepmother is an unknown quantity and the thread of Jules taking her siblings and hiding out in Colorado is one of the open threads that looks to continue through the rest of the series. She doesn't battle Fleury for the stage, but she skillfully interjects in a way that disarms him almost immediately. The idea of a small town where everyone knows everyone appeals to me, fictionally at least. He gives Kelli Benis a huge hug when they pass the entrance. And none of my highlights were positive - that's a telling statement as well. There is a fine balance in romantic suspense to make sure both the romance arc works and the suspense arc works. The only thread that's tied in this book is the happily for now with Theo and Jules. She was a keynote speaker on resilience and healing within the First Nations communities who, in light of a cancellation by another speaker, was asked to prolong her presentation. First off, I wasn't enamored with the flashbacks in this story.

    Theo and katie k sex

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