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    One has jaundice if the skin or white part of the eye is yellowish. But for men 40 and over, chances are higher that blood in the semen needs evaluation and treatment. For example, semen will have a brown color because of the presence of blood. Blood in semen, though, can be linked to cancer of the testicles, bladder , and other reproductive and urinary tract organs. However, it may become cancerous. Fortunately, it doesn't always signal a major medical problem. If an STD or medical condition such as high blood pressure or liver disease is the culprit, the doctor will treat that condition. Blood in the semen is common after medical procedures.

    To much sex discolored seman

    Radiation therapy , vasectomy , and injections for hemorrhoids can also cause blood. The condition called BPH , which causes the prostate to become enlarged and pinch the urethra, is also linked to blood in semen. Reduce your alcohol consumption. Polyps in the reproductive tract, which are benign growths that don't cause any medical problem, can also cause blood in semen. What does it mean to have discolored semen? Untreated cancer is a life-threatening disease. What to Do if your Semen is Brown? Furthermore, malignant tumor or cancer is not restricted to the prostate gland. This type of cancer is more prevalent in men aging 45 years old and above. It is a condition wherein an enlarged prostate pinches the urethra. Due to several causes, they can be ruptured or damaged resulting to hematospermia. Procedures done as treatment for urinary problems can also cause mild trauma that leads to temporary bleeding. The doctor will also perform a physical exam. One of the first tests that will be done is a semen analysis. For instance, as many as four out of five men may temporarily have blood in their semen following a prostate biopsy. Seeking help If you notice that your semen is consistently watery or discolored, tell your primary care doctor or see a urologist. Treatment for Blood in Semen Treatments target the known cause: If you masturbate several times a day, the quality of semen after the first ejaculation is likely to become thin and watery. Infection The most common cause of a dark brown semen is an infection. In most cases, it will go away without treatment. Other causes are a pelvic fracture, rough sex, and masturbating vigorously. The seminal vesicles are a pair of glands that help produce a significant liquid part of semen. Other potential causes of a low sperm count include: If you and your partner have been trying unsuccessfully to conceive, consult a fertility specialist. If the doctor suspects prostate cancer , or another form of cancer, the doctor may ask for a prostate biopsy to evaluate the tissue for cancer. Most of these tumors were in the prostate. White Semen A white, cloudy, and viscous semen indicates good health.

    To much sex discolored seman

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      Obstruction When a duct obstruction occurs, the blood vessels surrounding the area will dilate and break leading to blood in the seminal fluid.

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      Any of the tiny tubes or ducts in the reproductive tract can be blocked. Healthcare Men will normally ejaculate a thick and white semen.

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