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    Identify habits that cause unhappiness and learn to overcome these habits. The Jellyfish This is a very exciting sex position that can lead to your first ever multiple orgasm. This too helps things flow in the bedroom. Use the floor or his shins for support while you slide him in and move his member inside you like you control a joystick of a video game. Sit on a higher one while he enters you and bend a little forward while he grabs your hips and thrusts deeper. This position allows him to penetrate deeply which indirectly increases the chances of him hitting your g-spot.

    Top 10sex position

    Sadly, many men turn to pornography as a way out of this dilemma, but this only widens the gap between husband and wife. Write a romantically worded card and tell her how you feel about her, give her flowers, gifts or just a reassuring hug. There is often a huge battle going on inside a man between his desire not to pressure his wife and the pressure inside his body for sex. This results in a great home environment, allowing her to have that sense of security and peace. One of His best, might I add! Walk beside her not three steps in front of her. It gives people time to work it out in the safety of a loving and encouraging environment. The greatest treasure any real man has in his life, outside of his relationship with God, is his wife, and so good financial stewardship will ultimately lead to being a better steward of your marriage. Many men and women struggle in areas of sexuality and yet as long as there is encouragement they will figure it out together. Sex is not rocket science, but getting the most out of it can take time to relax into. It is amazing just how powerfully this area can lead to better sex. Because of the pillow under your butt, he will be able to penetrate much deeper than usual. Depending what sort of mood you're in, your breasts move against his chest, giving you extra stimulation. Every home has a unique equilibrium and it is vital to identify who does what around the house and respect that the little things make a big difference. This position makes it easier for him to hit your g-spot and allows you to stimulate your clitoris too! During the date phase, men can show a lot of affection which can sadly vanish down the track. Spread your legs wide, but keep your knees bent. It is most definitely not a silly thing to pray for great sex. It is not a function of the sex partner or the inability of the man being able to last long during the sexual act itself. There are lots of other factors that can hinder a woman having multiple orgasms and the top factors have to do with the sex positions the couple adopt. SexVille Tuesday brings you some really exciting sex positions which guarantee multiple orgasms. This position brings you in extreme close contact with your partner and leaves no space in between you two, while giving a lot of space for penetration. Ride with joy Straddle your man while he lies down on his back and make sure you slide your legs straight so that your legs are on either side of his shoulders. Tweet news Research has shown that three out of every 10 women find it difficult to experience orgasm during intercourse while about two out of every 10 experience what is generally referred to as multiple orgasm. Have your man enter you as you slide your legs over his shoulder. On the other hand, financial stability brings with it a sense of trust and helps a woman to feel safe. It was, after all, His idea!

    Top 10sex position

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