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    He does the same to the other thigh, this time flicking his tongue out at your flesh, breathing in the sweet scent of your body. The following are not allowed Greentext. This subreddit is for true stories that absolutely happened. Your post must be a story. A brilliant artist, and a giant baby. In my mind, they looked like fucking wizards, man. Report Story You're still asleep by the time Trent returns to bed, and he sighs, absolutely bored out of his mind. This is a satire subreddit for fleshed out stories, not just texts and one-liners. And yet, here is Trent Reznor giving interviews, admitting to knowing a whole lot about David Bowie and still worshipping him, while also demystifying himself and bitching about something.

    Trent reznor sex

    A picture with a single line of text. I've got a 24 box set, you'll love it. One avenue where it seems people are trying to be provocative is by seeing how gratuitously sexy something can be. I can get you some soup, dude. We're only human, like you. Direct links to anything will be auto removed. But in the pre-internet caveman world that I grew up in, the album was an escape, and you read things into that cover artwork. You used to actually have to decide to spend time with music rather than just idly picking it from a plethora of options. No politics We are no longer allowing posts centered around political current events, especially US politics. In conclusion, then, Reznor is a bit of both: This subreddit is for true stories that absolutely happened. What if I want to take a detour into free jazz? Crappy titles will receive a flair of shame, and be removed. I guess if you did cheer up, you'd probably not be able to write songs, although a NIN major key album about sunshine and rainbows would probably be my favorite record ever, alongside the much-awaited by me downbeat Polyphonic Spree concept album about the Jonestown Massacre. We're on reddit to have a laugh, not to ruin someone's day. The sun is shining, the day is new, and he's actually in a positive mood today despite all the music he has to write for the next album. Elsewhere, there are a lot of entries in the Giant Baby corner, where we have a series of comments that make it sound like however it was when he was listening to music is How it Should Be. You hardly stir, and his boredom increases until he gets an idea. All you can see is the small mound underneath the sheets and feel the movement in between. First, as a brilliant, misunderstood artiste, Reznor explains how immersive music used to be when you had to track it down yourself and spend more time with the fewer records you could get your hands on. It can't be all bad. Something in me needed the people making the music I loved to seem larger in life. Questions about the rules? Take a moment before posting. Moderators reserve the right to remove or approve posts at their discretion. Titles with references to clapping can result in a removal. His skillful tongue doesn't quit.

    Trent reznor sex

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      No politics We are no longer allowing posts centered around political current events, especially US politics. In honor of Trent's decision, here are a lovingly curated collection of pretentious quotes from the king of miserable industrial metal.

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      Also, no subreddit names. Most successful artists are complicated, contradictory beings — insecure egotists in a world where they are both sure of and completely unconvinced of their own genius.

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      This subreddit is for true stories that absolutely happened. I've got a 24 box set, you'll love it.

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