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    Let yourselves get turned on by the idea of being totally nude in public with a bunch of other people who are also totally nude. Park the car in a place where you won't get caught by police, but you could still get caught by someone else. This works best as an unplanned event. Laugh off any trivial troubles and move on. Start at the top or pick things out randomly, but try to do something fun once a week to make sure your sex life doesn't get too stale. Don't have sex when you get to your destination, but repeat the sexy moves on the drive home. Not only is it super-hot, but there's an added element of excitement because you don't want to get caught! Have sex on a Ferris wheel. It's easy to do.

    Vacation sex ideas

    Not only is it exciting, but there's also an element of danger that adds to both of your pleasure. Some trip ideas might include scaling a mountain, camping and hiking, deep sea diving, sailing lessons, or trekking through the forest. Make a sex tape for your own pleasure. Let yourselves get turned on by the idea of being totally nude in public with a bunch of other people who are also totally nude. If it's a week, give yourself more of a challenge. They will be instantly turned on when they get out of their meeting. You don't necessarily have to participate, but going would be an interesting experience for you both. There's no actual sex involved in this, but there's something about getting a massage together that makes for great foreplay. Before the trip starts, agree on what the budget will be and how much each person will contribute financially. Use the bed, the bathroom, the tub, the desk, the chair, and any other part of your hotel room and go crazy. Try a threesome with someone you trust. A post shared by Vanessa Von vanessavvon on May 19, at 3: It's not crazy to want to spice things up! Make a list of things you're both comfortable with and then experiment with bondage in or out of the bedroom. Go to a cheap motel. Have a sexting scavenger hunt. Set a specific number of times you want to have sex while you're on vacation. Move on and enjoy each other instead. Try going to a swingers club. Part of the fun is looking for these places together and the eating, guaranteed, will be an adventure on its own. Spend the entire day touching and flirting with each other so that when you get back to your hotel that night, you're more than ready to play. If you're not up to the one day challenge or you have a lot of rooms in your house , make it a weekend game! Find a list of positions that you've both been interested in trying and use a different one each night for five nights. Having awesome sex a second time in a new place will make the experience even hotter. Couples just need to sit down and talk about sexy things they've both always wanted to do.

    Vacation sex ideas

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