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    Research and Evaluation What is to be gained by broadening the range of behaviors asked about in surveys of sexual behavior? Most adolescents who reported engagement in oral sex indicated that they had never used STI protection see Table I. Harper and Row, Another advantage to using a broader measure of sexual activity is being able to more fully measure the impact of various programs and curricula that address adolescent sexuality. In this investigation, we have elected to examine adolescents' engagement in oral sex, and peer correlates, for three reasons. This is natural, given that attention to adolescent sexual activity arose initially out of concerns over the far-reaching problems associated with teenage pregnancy and childbearing. Young women with factors linked to later age of first vaginal intercourse -- mothers with a college or higher education and two parents living at home -- were more likely to report oral sex but not vaginal intercourse. Do teens use oral sex to delay first intercourse?

    Why teenage oral sex

    Psychometric properties for these items have been demonstrated in prior studies using this measure e. Abstinence proponents are wrestling with how to handle an evolving dilemma that pits those who stress the need to be as precise as possible in specifying the range of behaviors to be abstained from against others who insist that such specificity violates the core of abstinence-only education. Students struggled to come up with a coherent definition, although older adolescents had less difficulty than younger ones. Impressions of oral sex are necessarily bound up with views on sexual intercourse, since one is usually cited as either a precursor or substitute for the other. Is oral sex a risk behavior worthy of empirical investigation? Among females ages 15 to 19, 7. In this age group, 9. Social Science Research Council, There were no significant differences in boys' and girls' reports of sexual behavior. So if the message is that this could possibly contribute to both a better understanding of and eventual lessening of these serious health conditions, then there might be a greater possibility of cooperation. There are several explanations for this dearth of information. Mustanski B, Semantic heterogeneity in the definition of "having sex" for homosexuals, unpublished manuscript, Department of Psychology, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, Everything else is permitted. Non-Hispanic black males ages 15 to 24 were less likely than non-Hispanic white or Hispanic males to have given oral sex to an opposite-sex partner. A few evaluation sites recently used questionnaires that asked about a variety of sexual activities in assessing how middle-school students interpret messages about behaviors to be abstained from. Moreover, trends are especially hard to detect because of past and current problems in the reliability of type-specific testing. In data recently collected from an Internet sample, adult homosexuals and bisexuals tended to label a greater number of activities as "sex" than did a comparable sample of heterosexuals. Thus, those who had had oral sex but not coitus could be distinguished from other groups. For further details on these data, see pp. Past research has demonstrated that teens' beliefs regarding their friends' engagement in risky sexual behavior may be associated with their own reported engagement in risk behavior Walter et al. Recent concern has focused on noncoital sexual behaviors that may pose a risk for STIs among adolescents. Weed S, , op. Perhaps the best, though still limited, dataset that includes adolescents dates from the early s: Koplewicz H, , op. Hitchcock P, , op. Linda Dominguez quotes her adolescent patients as thinking "if you're going to avoid intercourse, you're going to resort to oral sex. National survey conducted by Seventeen finds that more than half of teens ages have engaged in oral sex, Feb.

    Why teenage oral sex

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      Haffner D, , op. Some experts believe that programs are moving in the right direction by teaching adolescents how to identify bad or abusive relationships, but that there is still much work to be done to help them with intimacy and how to recognize good relationships.

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