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    But even if there are physiological reasons why she cannot enjoy sex in the same way she did before her illness, there are often ways to alter sexual style to adapt to her new situation — if she wishes. The second reason is that unless you are truly enjoying your intimate relationship, you are really cheating yourself! Ask if hormone replacement therapy such as testosterone would be appropriate. I am just hoping for a considerate amount like once a week or so. Whether you are the spouse who has higher desire or the one whose interest in sex has flat-lined, you both need to be proactive if you want things to improve in your relationship.

    Wife no longer interested in sex

    As you begin to ask yourself these questions, you will notice that some of the conditions for feeling more sexual are either no longer part of your life or even a remote possibility. Explore and experiment until you know exactly what turns you on. Self-esteem, body image and depression can be important factors as well, often reducing sexual interest in people with or without physical disabilities. Didn't you feel better about yourself? About five years ago, she was diagnosed with MS. Submissions are subject to our terms and conditions: Sign up for a marriage education class - learn new communication skills and methods for handling conflict. This is a wonderful starting point. However, if you do say, "no," it's important that you make an alternative suggestion. Spend time with friends. Many people with physical challenges manage to have highly satisfying sex lives through their willingness to try new methods. It is important to take help from a physician to first assess for any physical reasons for the decreased libido that your wife seems to have like hypothyroidism, vitamin D deficiency, severe anaemia. Were you taking more time for foreplay? Forget about doing this strictly for your partner or the marriage, do it for you! I know this has not been your intention. Your negative feelings or apathy may have more to do with the chase than sex itself. When you think back to times when things were better between you sexually, you may ask yourself what happened to your passion and what caused this to change in you. It is estimated that one out of every three couples has a sexual desire gap. I bet there were pats on the butt, a wink of your eye, a kiss blown across a crowded room, lightly touching each other in passing, a suggestive smile, a well-timed compliment about your spouse's appearance, and so on. Whether you are the spouse who has higher desire or the one whose interest in sex has flat-lined, you both need to be proactive if you want things to improve in your relationship. Make feeling sexier your pet project. If you have gotten out of shape and aren't fit, it's time to start eating better and exercising. Your future together depends on it. A poor body image often makes people feel self-conscious and they will either avoid sexual encounters or be so tense they don't enjoy themselves. You'll feel better, look better, and increase the chances you'll stay healthy.

    Wife no longer interested in sex

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    Signs That Your Partner No Longer Loves You

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      Unfortunately, my sexual cravings are too much, and I get irritated due to lack of it. Unlike the last suggestion where you are advised to look for the small flutters, I am now suggesting that you don't necessarily need to feel turned on at all in order to initiate sex or respond to your partner's advances.

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      Along these same lines, many times people stop being interested in sex when they stop feeling good about their bodies.

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