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    Of course he may get carried away, so you set the boundaries - tell him what is and isn't OK with you. A long upward stroke and a twist when your hand reaches his glans or coronal ridge will provide great stimulation for your man, but some men have an over-sensitive glans which means that this degree of pressure may not be entirely pleasant. The thrusting motion of the penis is not conducive to female pleasure since it does not stimulate the clitoris. He will appreciate the warmth and wetness of your vagina, and though this may make him come even more quickly, at least you get an orgasm before he enters you. When you reach the top, rotate the palm of your hand across his glans in a smooth motion, so that the soft skin of your palm circles and moves sensuously over his glans. It may not be. If you play with these as you masturbate him or give him oral sex, and especially as he ejaculates, you'll increase his pleasure and the intensity of his orgasm a great deal. If you come, perhaps from having a G spot orgasm, it's a bonus.

    Wild on sex

    There are ways for him to discover how he can last longer in bed, which involve controlling premature ejaculation by slowing down how quickly he gets aroused during sex. Don't be afraid to act like a rude girl in bed! Perhaps men like to use them for masturbatory play, where they can let their fantasies run wild This all-encompassing technique will probably make him come rather quickly! Then return your looped fingers and thumbs to the base of his penile shaft and repeat! When you reach the top, rotate the palm of your hand across his glans in a smooth motion, so that the soft skin of your palm circles and moves sensuously over his glans. Yet if you try some new positions for sex, you may find the whole thing becomes much more exciting for you both - at the very least, you'll have fun trying the positions out and seeing what they feel like! In return, you have every right to expect him to be sensitive to your needs for romance and affection. By respecting him, he is much more likely to express his love for you because he feels more of a man. He may be willing to accept anal play, or even anal penetration, because it feels wonderful and enhances the sensations of orgasm when he ejaculates. If he's willing, a finger up his anus but make sure you use plenty of lube can add greatly to his pleasure when he reaches orgasm, especially if you massage his prostate. Tell him you won't tolerate selfish behavior during sex, and you want to have an orgasm! If he isn't - tell him what you want! Men may be unwilling to try sex toys, but they can be an exciting way of spicing up your sex life and fending off sexual boredom: More advanced sex toys include ball separators, heavy weights which can be hung from a man's balls to stretch the scrotum, and harnesses which give the appearance of a bigger and more prominent erection erection. Then run your hands up and down his penile shaft, with his cock poking out between your intertwined fingers and your thumbs, possibly adding to his pleasure with a series of twisting, side-to-side rotations when you get to his glans. You can't really imagine how important it is to your man that you suck his penis. If you come, perhaps from having a G spot orgasm, it's a bonus. Of course, men can be guilty of this as well, so the real answer is for both partners to learn how to communicate openly and naturally. This kind of role reversal is also helpful for women to discover and express their own powerful sexuality. Most men sadly don't last especially long during sex, and they need to be motivated to change. This simply means - be uninhibited. The longer he can hold himself at a level of arousal below the point where he will ejaculate, the better sex will be for both of you. Ask him to show you what he likes, and then ask him to tell you if you're doing it right. This potential mismatch is the downside of the male sex drive.

    Wild on sex

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      It may turn your man on even faster if you dress up for him in a way that he finds sexually exciting. Sure, for a man, there's nothing like the emotional satisfaction of being inside you, but sometimes penetration isn't what you - or he - want.

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