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    The second bullet fired in the YouTube video weighed five tenths of an ounce. Submitted homemade sex pics and amateur sex videos. Watch free GF Porn videos and user submitted hardcore ex gf sex movies! That was pretty awesome. Real amateur GF Porn.

    Youtube homemade sex videos

    This bullet was nicknamed the Red Rocket The Red Rocket 3D-printed bullet was fired at a target attached to a plank of wood. Real couples fucking at home! Girlfriend videos and free user-submitted homemade sex videos. Huge archive and daily updates! This is all real submitted content from SeeMyGF members and visitors. Watch real gf porn, amateurs wild sextapes, gf facials cumshots movies, selfshot teens, mirror sluts and campus whores, amateur galore, spy ex-gf web cams, cool new amateur gf vids, real hardcore amateur, first time anal videos,gf masturbations, real amateur teens, horny emo slut, myspace girls, facebook nudes, popping the cherry videos, homemade teen videos, hidden schoolgirls lockers cams. SeeMyGF offers over , real submitted exgf pictures and more than 10, homemade girlfriend sex videos. Because the gun is made entirely from plastic it makes it possible to carry the gun through airport security metal detectors, for example, without being found out. Taofledermaus goes on to explain the reason the Red Rocket didn't pierce the wood is because of the 'stability problem that's common with a bullet not shot through a rifle barrel. The third 3D-printed bullet, nicknamed the Tri-Factor because it has three points on the end, was fired in the YouTube video at a polystyrene mannequin head The Tri-Factor bullet performed the weakest of the three 3D-printed bullets. In the video, the bullet hits the target but doesn't appear to pierce it, instead it looks as if the bullet bounces off. This may have been because the head was knocked off the table, due to its light weight, before the bullet could penetrate Earlier this week a working plastic gun, printed using a self-assembled 3D printer, a nail and some household screws, successfully fired nine shots. The bullet hits the top of the head, knocking it off the table, but then ricochets off behind. That was pretty awesome. I didn't expect that. Real amateur GF Porn. Share this article Share Taofledermaus adds that a small piece of lead shot is added to the casing to give the bullet enough weight to travel and pierce the target. It hit the polystyrene mannequin target before bouncing off sideways. It also had a small lead shot added and was fitted to a shotgun casing. The wood was rested up against a wooden table. Each pellet took an hour to print and is fitted into a traditional shotgun case. In a second experiment the pair are shown firing another bullet, this time weighing five tenths of an ounce, at a block of wood with a target on it. The bullet goes through the dartboard, and through the plastic cans its resting on. The hottest ex girlfriend pics and user submitted self shots on internet. Amateur porn selfie sex, real lesbian tapes, pussy close-ups.

    Youtube homemade sex videos

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